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Good thing I went with cautious

Lynrobroy posted 6/1/2017 21:46 PM

So as I posted a few days ago, I had dinner with a friend from work on Friday that turned into us talking for hours.

I initially thought I was not ready and should run, but really didn't want to. Lot's of you posted helpful comments and I decided not to run right away but to proceed with caution.

So I haven't seen him this week and suggested very platonic, sober, get to know each other better as friends type activities. He said that sounded good, but he had to check on a few things and would call me back.

He called back to say, Friday night was better and he had taken the liberty of just booking us a hotel room, (right next to our office )

Even better, when I balk he went into full pity party, trying to suggest I was just totally damaged to assume a man would book a hotel room because he expected us to have sex.

Um okay.

But thanks for the reminder that I need to recognize the flags and never ignore them.

Lynrobroy posted 6/1/2017 21:47 PM

Oh and I am still sincerely grateful for the replies I got to my original post.

I had something to learn from every one of them and I could not have learned it anywhere else.

TrustGone posted 6/1/2017 22:03 PM

Unfortunately they are out there. Caution is a must after infidelity. We are often so broken ourselves that we hook up with the same type person again. BTDT. It takes a real sleazebag to book a hotel room after only one date and getting upset because you said no. I am so glad you proceeded with caution. Sounds like you dodged a bullet with that one. I always made it a policy to never date someone I worked with. It makes for some uncomfortable encounters if it doesn't work out.

kpstartingover posted 6/1/2017 22:23 PM

Gross!! In time you'll get better at listening to the inner voice and separating out your baggage from clear red flags. And if a person is predatory, it can sometimes take awhile to find out if they're good at it.


allusions posted 6/1/2017 22:38 PM

Why book a hotel room for the two of you if sex was not going to be involved? What a creep.

smokenfire posted 6/1/2017 22:47 PM

Or in a relationship so you can't hang out at his house....

EvenKeel posted 6/2/2017 06:53 AM

OMG - whatta azz!!!!

...but on a positive....I am ALWAYS glad when folks show what type of person they are immediately. Saves you lots of time and grief.

[This message edited by EvenKeel at 6:54 AM, June 2nd (Friday)]

WornDown posted 6/2/2017 07:21 AM

MadOldBat posted 6/2/2017 08:04 AM

I was just totally damaged to assume a man would book a hotel room because he expected us to have sex.

Gosh Lyn....... sounds like he thought you'd fallen off the infidelity tree, bumping your head on every branch along the way.
What an absolute TWERP.

Well spotted!

...... and on we go
(so many frogs)

MOB xx

CornflakeGirl posted 6/2/2017 10:29 AM

I think it was okay to give him a chance. When he went too far, you had awesome boundaries in place so you shut him down.

Like MOB said, you spotted a frog. Onward and upward!

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