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What Would Your Tattoo Say?

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thatbpguy posted 11/9/2017 16:12 PM

Thanks to hopefulkate for giving me the idea for this thread...

As a result of what you have been thru, what would your tat look like and/or say? Where would it be located?

I think for me, I'd have the front half of an arrow over my heart on my chest and the back half on my back thru my heart.

The heart wound that will never go away.

DebraVation posted 11/9/2017 16:27 PM

Am I allowed to get a tattoo on him instead? One on his privates, saying "If found, please return to (our address). Many thanks." I have threatened him with this, he hates needles so would be kind of fun.

If I had to have a tattoo, maybe one saying "Kiss my ass".

thatbpguy posted 11/9/2017 16:30 PM

"If found, please return to..."

That could be taken, ahem, several ways...

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DebraVation posted 11/9/2017 16:31 PM

Ha ha, yes. It would be more for the pleasure of getting the tattoo done though to be honest. I could even do it myself....

thatbpguy posted 11/9/2017 16:33 PM

Ha ha, yes. It would be more for the pleasure of getting the tattoo done though to be honest. I could even do it myself....

Guys, never, I repeat, never, let your wife tattoo you...

MidnightRun posted 11/9/2017 16:33 PM

Tatoo for her: whore, on the forehead.

needfriendshere posted 11/9/2017 16:42 PM

Ha! I love where this thread has gone. It made me laugh. Thank you!
I have no idea what I would do tatto-wise for me. But I love the ideas of how to tattoo the FWS's! Until now, I had no idea what to get H for Christmas...

nightmare01 posted 11/9/2017 16:43 PM

I have a lot of tattoos - but they represent things that I want to remember, or am proud of. My WW's LTA doesn't fit that category. A good day for me is one in which I don't think of her affair very much (I always do at some point though - but on good days the memory doesn't have much energy). I don't want ink that reminds me of something horrible like this.

I image it would be like a rape victim getting a tattoo reminding her of what happened.

This is not for me, but different strokes...

Northerngal posted 11/9/2017 16:43 PM

For the mow: you canít be first but you can be next!

I already have one from a drunken night in 1989. So Iím done.

smokenfire posted 11/9/2017 16:44 PM

That's easy.

"I win"

thatbpguy posted 11/9/2017 16:50 PM

I already have one from a drunken night in 1989. So Iím done.

That's it? You're gonna leave us hanging???

Aw, come on, tell us more...

tiredofcrying59 posted 11/9/2017 16:53 PM

Funny, I just got one yesterday. Not to commemorate this crap fest, but because I feel music pretty much saved my life, I have a heart which is made up of a base clef and upside down treble clef with a Scottish thistle in the middle. Cause I'm Scottish and prickly

It's on my inside forearm.

PlanC posted 11/9/2017 17:01 PM

As a result of the affair, I would tattoo "HPV" on the side of my penis. Oh, wait, that is so totally unnecessary.

tiredofcrying59 posted 11/9/2017 17:32 PM

why punish yourself? Have it tattooed on the other guys' penis.

SMSA925 posted 11/9/2017 17:53 PM

This subject has come up before. I've been through a few surgeries and have some horrific scars. But this betrayal, nothing ever in my life has hurt as much as this. How can I not have a visible scar from all this hurt? I was going to get a koi fish because it is a symbol of personal strength and resilience. But now I think I want a tattoo of a scar. And ugly red infidelity scar. Where doesn't matter so much. Where would hurt least? No reason to subject myself to more pain.

hobort posted 11/9/2017 17:59 PM

How about some text on her abdomen below the navel and just above the line of her panties that reads "Good luck ... you're gonna need it. -Han Solo"

Notthevictem posted 11/9/2017 20:39 PM

NO REGRATS (no even one letter?)

hopefulkate posted 11/9/2017 20:45 PM

hooray! I inspired a thing!

First to share- the OBS made the AP get a super stupid tatoo- tramp stamp - which I assume - hope!- gets in the way of her "beach club" desires

I actually am thinking of getting one for real but can't decide...I also really like...

"She needed a hero. So that's what she became."

Not that I am also a super duper comic book geek too and I kinda really really like it.

devotedman posted 11/9/2017 21:03 PM

I'd get the classic winged terminal with the words Code to Live / Live to Code above and below, wrapping the winged terminal in a circle.

somanyyears posted 11/9/2017 22:01 PM

.. way too painful to even consider, butt..... I would have bfOM's face tattooed (spelling?) across my sphincter... so that every time I took a dump or dropped a classic Ntv fart, it would be on him.

... ..I know, it would be way too painful!


[This message edited by somanyyears at 10:02 PM, November 9th (Thursday)]

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