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When you finally figure out the truth...

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xZOOMx posted 11/15/2017 19:53 PM

DC20- spot on nice guys/gals do finish last I learn this at 19 from my platoon seargeant in the army, one thing I want to add is you can be a good person without being a nice guy/gal and by that I mean is okay to take the low road every so often.

LoveTKO posted 11/16/2017 11:17 AM

Each of the 3 were, well, I guess you could say “damaged” by previous men.

This seems to be the constant IMHO, not you. I happen to love "nice guys". I understand what you mean though.. I look back and wonder if I had better self esteem when I was younger, would I have chosen FWH to marry? Probably not. I was younger than him but there were many red flags about his lack of emotional health. I was 23 and "in love" but I ignored a lot. I really had no idea about relationships and how they should be.

My goal is to make sure my sons and godchildren don't make the same mistake.

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