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- Provided by Devoted4ever

I know when I first started reading here I was totally lost because of the abbreviations. I saw a posting on another website (DB) which explained the abbreviations. I think it would be a good idea to have a place to list the abbreviations for our newcomers! Help me out if you will.
AP-affair partner
BS-betrayed spouse
B.O.B.-battery operated boyfriend
BIL-brother in law
BTW-by the way
D-divorce or daughter
DD-darling daughter
DIL-daughter in law
D-day-discovery day
DS-darling son
ETA-edit to add
EA-emotional affair
EMA-extrmarital affair
FAQ-frequently answered questions
FIL-father in law
FOO-family of origin
FWIW-for what its worth
FYI-for your information
FWB-friend with benefits
FWIW-For what it's worth
FWW/FWH-former wayward wife/husband
HW-home wrecker
HB-hysterical bonding
IC-individual counseling
IDK-I don't know
ILYBINILWY-I love you but I'm not in love with you
IAE-in any event
IM-instant message
IMHO-in my humble opinion
IOW-in other words
IRL-in real life
JK-just kidding
JMO-just my opinion
KISA-knight in shining armor
LOL-laughing out loud
LTA-long term affair
MH-mad hatter
MIL-mother in law
MLC-midlife crisis
MM-married man
MOm-maybe other man
MOP-maybe other person
MOw-maybe other woman
MW-married woman
NC-no contact
NPD-narcissistic personality disorder
OC-other child
OEA-online emotional affair
OG-other guy
Om-other man
ONS-one night stand
Op-other person
Ow-other woman
PA-physical affair
PITA-pain in the ass
PM-private message
PMA-positive mental attitude
POS-piece of sh!t
POV-point of view
R-day-reclaim day(the of couple's reclaiming their relationship and rebuilding)
RA-revenge affair
ROFLMAO-rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off
SA-sex addict
SAHM-stay at home mom(thanks DS)
SEa-suspected emotional affair
SIL-sister in law
SITD-Still in the dark
SO-significant other
SOm-suspected other man
SOw-suspected other woman(I liked this one!)
SPa-suspected physical affair
STBX-soon to be X(husband/wife)
STBXOM-soon to be X other man
STBXOW-soon to be X other woman
T/J-thread jack - taking a thread off topic.
TMI-too much information
TT-trickle truth
UCL-unconditional love
WS-wayward spouse
WTF-what the phuck
WTG-way to go

Again, I would like to thank the Divorce Busting(DB) site for giving me the idea and many, many of the abbreviations.

HTH-hope this helped


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