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User Topic: SF People: Drop everything and read The Quantum Thief.
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This dude is some Finnish PhD in Astrophysics or something who is such a rock star that he wrote up this first chapter that is of such brilliance that when he got it in front of an editor the editor was like, send me the rest immediately, and then this *complete rockstar* said sure, I'll send that right out, and since he hadn't *written it yet* he went home and wrote it in three weeks and got himself a six figure 3 book deal. The book is exactly what you'd expect from a guy with a set of balls like that.

I'm really not sure what it's about, but it's amazing. It *may* be an argument between games, or it may be an argument between gamers, or it may be an argument between gamers masquerading as an argument between games. Maybe someone else will have a different read. He *does* kind of move into tell-not-show toward the end, but he really held the threads in a remarkable fashion and he'd have to be superhuman to not falter. These issues may be reconciled before the US release. US folks will have to obtain it via some exotic channel like or unsavory sources because it doesn't come out in the US till the spring.

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Sounds interesting, and I put it on my mooch list. Thanks, ladyv.

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Dang, you got my interest up & sounds like the perfect gift for H (maybe Valentine's?).

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Amazon says pre-order...not out until 5/11? I had heard about it and wanted to read it. Am I missing something here?

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