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Default  Posted: 6:43 PM, March 28th (Monday)

I love the series books - J. D. Robb, Sue Grafton, Janet Evanovich, J. Kellerman and F. Kellerman. I'm up to date on these and looking for another series to start. Any recs?

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Default  Posted: 7:25 PM, March 28th (Monday)

Henning Mankell is a Swedish writer. The detective he writes aboutis Kurt Wallender. You may have seen programs on PBS. They're very good.

Elizabeth George writes a series about a Detective Lynly (sp?). They're very good, too.

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Default  Posted: 9:02 PM, March 28th (Monday)

I enjoyed the books by Karin Slaughter- but the forensic part of them is pretty graphic, FYI.

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Default  Posted: 10:13 PM, March 28th (Monday)

James Patterson's Alex Cross series, Robert Tanenbaum writes a series that is very good. Patricia Cornwell, also.

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Default  Posted: 10:24 PM, March 28th (Monday)

Kathy Reich's series about Tempe Brennan are good. They're the books the tv show Bones is very loosely based on. I enjoy the show whenever I watch it, but I like the character as written in the book a whole lot more.

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Default  Posted: 12:22 AM, March 29th (Tuesday)

No right thinking human being should go through life without reading the Amelia Peabody mysteries. If you read those, you will feel compelled to send me a largish check in thanks, but it's okay, you don't have to, just spread the word.

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Default  Posted: 2:51 AM, March 29th (Tuesday)

The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz, I think there are only four of them so far.

They are funny/detective, if you like Janet Evanovitch, I think you will like these.

ETA: Another very light read are the Hannah Swenson mysteries by Joanna Fluke, a bit corny but each book also contains cookie recipes

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Default  Posted: 7:36 AM, March 29th (Tuesday)

Lady, thanks for bringing up Peabody! I forgot her.

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Default  Posted: 8:09 AM, March 29th (Tuesday)

check out this site

also, i like the Hollows Series by Kim Harrison, but it is paranomal - not sure if that is your thing.

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Default  Posted: 8:48 AM, March 29th (Tuesday)

FBI series by Catherine Coulter

Eve Duncan thrillers by Iris Johansen

Any series by Clive Cussler

So many from which to choose!Check out the Fantastic Fiction website below:

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Default  Posted: 2:25 PM, March 29th (Tuesday)

The outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

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Default  Posted: 8:47 PM, March 29th (Tuesday)

Anne Perry has two different series that are really good. Her novels are set in Victorian England. One series is about a police inspector Thomas Pitt and the other is about William Monk.

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Default  Posted: 8:49 PM, March 29th (Tuesday)

Anne Perry has two different series that are really good. Her novels are set in Victorian England. One series is about a police inspector Thomas Pitt and the other is about William Monk.

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Default  Posted: 1:02 AM, March 30th (Wednesday)

Skye, what I find most interesting about the Amelia Peabody series is that you have three men in there who are *so* magnificent that the *snarky roguish bastard* would be "kill" in a game of FMK. In any other series he would not be kill. He'd probably be fuck. But no, in this series, it's Marry Emerson, Fuck Ramses, Kill Sethos.

It nagged him, in particular, that none of the girls hed known so far had given him a sense of unalloyed triumph.

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Default  Posted: 8:45 AM, March 30th (Wednesday)

I know just what you mean. I usually listen to the Peabody books on CD's. The reader is phenomenal. She has an English accent and when she takes on the role of Peabody, you get a truly good picture of her. If you haven't heard them, try to get hold of one. You'll love it.

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Default  Posted: 9:54 AM, March 30th (Wednesday)

Thanks everyone. I won't be at a loss for a good book for a long time!

Skye - I am an audiobook junkie. I'm in my car for several hours a day and go crazy if there's not a book in my CD player to be listening to. I'm looking forward to the Peabody books.

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Default  Posted: 10:41 AM, March 30th (Wednesday)

Grace, another wonderful series to listen to is Alexander McCall Smith's "The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency." They take place in Botswana. Again, the reader is wonderful. Enjoy.

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Default  Posted: 11:00 AM, March 30th (Wednesday)

How does she do with Emerson and his great bellow? And Ramses with all his mystery.

Ramses Emerson is my single favorite male character in all literature.

One thing I love the most about the series is that Amelia is the most delightfully constructed of all unreliable narrators. She is a *dreadful* mother. She *thinks* she knows Whodunnit, but she never does. She *thinks* she's brilliant at seeing romantic relationships forming and frequently announces that and that Emerson cannot see these things at all. But who knew about Ramses and Nefret? Emerson did.

It nagged him, in particular, that none of the girls hed known so far had given him a sense of unalloyed triumph.

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Default  Posted: 6:57 AM, March 31st (Thursday)

ladyv. she does Emerson very well. Our discussing this is sending me to my library to find another of her books on CD. Again, I highly recommend you listen to one, even one you've read before, because they are so delicious.

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Default  Posted: 12:05 PM, March 31st (Thursday)

I have to second The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I have read more than one of those more than 2 or 3 times.

Patricia Cornwell has a series of crime books based on her character, Kay Scarpetta. Always a good read (in my opinion).

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Default  Posted: 8:51 PM, April 1st (Friday)

Below are series I've read and keep hoping for more of - all available at decent libraries:

Sara Paretsky brings class and social & political consciousness to mysteries.

Barbara Cleverly (?) does a series of mysteries about British India that I've enjoyed. She also moves her detective in India to post-WWI Europe.

Lindsey Davis does a series set in Rome around 79 AD; M. Didius Falco is her anti-hero detective.

S. J. Rozan's Lydia Chin series.

Laura Joh Rowland's series set in 17th century Japan (although the last couple haven't been great)

Sujata Massey's series about a Japanese-American art dealer is fun

James Lee Burke's Dave Robichaux series

Alafair Burke doesn't really have a series, but she's James Lee's daughter, and Dave Robichaux has a daughter named Alafair

Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series

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Default  Posted: 11:45 PM, April 1st (Friday) is my bible for mysteries.

Let's see....

Marcia Muller...set in San Fransisco.

John Lescoart....same.

Alex Kava, has a couple shorter series, with different characters.

I like western related stuff so Michael McGarrity, set in Sante Fe. I found a new one I am reading now, Steven Havill, set in southwestern New Mexico.

Also Margerat Coel, David and Amiee Thurlo and James Doss for Tony Hillerman style Native American books.

Linda Barnes...Boston.

Susan Albert Wittig...Austin attorney relocated to TX hill country and runs an herbal shop.

Elizabeth George....a huge second on love her.

Michael Connelly....LA. Hieronymus Bosch and Mickey Heller. New movie that's out "The Lincoln Lawyer" is based on one of his books.

Robert Crais...LA as well

JA Jance, 2 different series...Joann Brady, female sheriff in AZ and JP Beaumont, detective in Seattle. She has a new series out, though and oddly enough I don't like it...

Steven White...based in Boulder, CO.

Harlen Coben....Myron Bolitar series.

Lee Child....OMG how could I forget Jack Reacher. Hero of the day, always...

Peter Robinson...Inspector Banks series.

Ian Rankin...John Rebus, set in Scotland. The new slang I had to learn!!!

Martha Grimes...Richard Jury.

John Sanford...set in Minnesota.

Val McDermid...very dark, but good.

I don't read much, as you can tell. And I know I am missing some!!

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Default  Posted: 5:19 PM, April 2nd (Saturday)

The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher

If you can cope with trilogies as opposed to full series:

The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud

2 consecutive trilogies by Maria V Snyder:

The Study Trilogy, and the Glass Trilogy

Surprised nobody's mentioned Terry Pratchett?

How about Jasper Fforde?

ETA: C J Sansom - detective/mystery series about a lawyer in Tudor England during the reign of Henry VIII. Fantastic

Anything by Christina Jones (e.g. Stealing the Show, Hubble Bubble - in case there's another Christina Jones) "bucolic" whimsical humorous romances set in fictional English villages

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Default  Posted: 9:24 PM, April 2nd (Saturday)

Evanovich like- light hearted and fun, romance and continued characters. Like this but better IMO Suzanne Brockmann's series about the Navy Seals.

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Default  Posted: 8:53 AM, April 3rd (Sunday)

Patricia Sprinkle has a series set mostly in and around atlanta. there are 7 books in that series...

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Default  Posted: 8:25 PM, April 13th (Wednesday)

So I was in a bookstore a few weeks ago with my blackberry in hand, reading this post(which was torture on that itty bitty screen) and trying to figure out what to buy. I went for the Amelia Peabody series but they didn't have the first one so I didn't buy any. I need to start with the first.

So I ended up buying the first Dennis Lahane book "A Drink Before the War", which introduced the recurring characters Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro.
Loved them. Then I went and got every single other book he has ever written. I didn't think I liked mysteries. Turns out I do.

I would recommend these as a really exciting, fast paced read. They are really kind of dark though. They can be very very violent and disturbing. So take that into consideration if you prefer lighter material.

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Default  Posted: 5:01 PM, April 14th (Thursday)

Check out Val McDermit,great series books and Reginal Hill.

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Default  Posted: 6:40 PM, April 14th (Thursday)

Fern Michaels has 3 series that are all interconnected. Texas, Vegas and Kenntucky. Between the 3 series there are 10 books. Big, sprawling stories. I have reread them all over the years. I only wish they were now available on Kindle because I would re buy them all and reread them. They were that good!

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Default  Posted: 7:41 PM, April 14th (Thursday)

Eyeore, is each one it's own series? What's the genre?

I'm looking for new material again

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Default  Posted: 1:23 PM, April 24th (Sunday)

Patricia Cornwall is fabulous. She is a forensic pathologist, Dr. Kay scarpetta. She has a couple of other series and also some non-fiction--she solves the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Also Neal Stephenson's Baroque series is so freaken awesome. Great for both men and women. It is considered science fiction but hits on everything from the first forensic pathology, religion, the first computers and everyone from Isaac Newton to French kings and pirates play a role. It is gritty and interesting. 8 novels long-check it out. Lastly there is Catherine Neville's The Eight. There is a sequel to that also and she has two other novels out. One is "The Magic Circle"--all are worth reading again and again!

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Default  Posted: 5:59 AM, April 25th (Monday)

Reginald Hill

Yes, yes, yes. The Pascoe/Dalziel mysteries are fantastic. And I second the Amelia Peabody books.

The Ayelet Waldman (Michael Chabon's wife) Mommy Track mysteries are good too.

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Default  Posted: 6:35 PM, April 25th (Monday)

I second the recommendation of Susan Wittig Albert. They are all good.

The first one in the China Bayles series is "Thyme of Death"

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Default  Posted: 1:34 PM, April 26th (Tuesday)

If paranormal romance is your thing, J.R. Ward's "The Black Dagger Brotherhood" is a great series..

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Default  Posted: 3:51 PM, May 1st (Sunday)

I stopped mid-Peabody to pick up the Fever series again, then went on to Outlander--which is crazy, because I think about 1/2 of her books are pure filler. BUT I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE PEOPLE!!!! So, even if she can't edit worth a crap, at least she writes about folks that I've grown to care about. I just finished Echo in the Bone and am PISSED!!! Because I thought it was the last one and it's not and she left it at such a freakin' cliffhanger.

Oh well. Going back to Peabody for a while.

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Default  Posted: 5:33 PM, May 1st (Sunday)

The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher

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Default  Posted: 10:33 AM, May 2nd (Monday)

Debbie Macomber - Cedar Cove Series

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I don't think anyone has mentioned Tony Hillerman's series with Det. Jim Chee. They are set in the Four Corners area in the southwest. Lots of Navajo culture, very interessting.

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Default  Posted: 6:35 PM, May 2nd (Monday)

Punky.. I remember years ago one of my friends mother loved the Outlander series and was always telling me to read it.
Maybe I'll try it next

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Default  Posted: 9:21 PM, August 2nd (Tuesday)

I third the recommendation of Susan Wittig Albert.

I see that no one has mentioned Tamar Myers. I love both her Pennsylvania Dutch Inn Mysteries and the Den of Antiquity series. They are funny, cozy mysteries.

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Default  Posted: 4:25 PM, August 12th (Friday)

The Alex Cross series by James Patterson...I was hooked after the first page. So good!

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Default  Posted: 5:18 PM, August 12th (Friday)

Yeah, great author, Cornwell.

Also check out Nancy Thayer, who wrote "The Hot Flash Club". Loved it and she's written a bunch more.

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If you're looking for series books, there are two I like by the same author. The Dragonriders of Pern and the Talent series by Anne McCaffrey.

With Dragonriders, you can find the original trilogy in one volume. There are many other, peripheral books that tie in to the trilogy, all set in the same "world".

The Talent series has the following titles:

To Ride Pegasus
Pegasus In Flight
Pegasus In Space
The Rowan
Damia's Children
Lyon's Pride
The Tower And The Hive

There's a bit of a time gap between Pegasus In Space and The Rowan but all take place in the same "world".

I just finished reading Pegasus In Space and, after the move, will have to hunt up the others in the series.

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I know it's been posted but The Outlander Series (Diana Gabaldon) is so so so good. I've reread them a couple of times.

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The Southern Sisters mystery series by Anne George (love these!!!!) and

the 'DCI Lloyd & Judy Hill' series by Jill McGown.

The ONLY bad thing is that both these authors have now passed away so neither of the series will go any farther which is very sad - they're both such wonderful writers!

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