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User Topic: "The Paris Wife"
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Default  Posted: 7:13 AM, March 29th (Tuesday)

What a gut-wrenching, sickening story, yet a good read! Definitely NOT for those who easily trigger over affair stories or who are fresh in their pain. I'm five years out - and I was the WW - and I found the story extremely difficult.

It's the story of Ernest Hemmingway's first marriage told through the eyes of his wife, Hadley. Hemmingway was notorious for his affairs and womanizing - and this very innocent, unsuspecting woman became his first victim. Watching it all unfold is just so very difficult. I could feel the raw pain, embarassment, and every other crazy emotion that went with it.

Anyway - if you are strong enough, it IS a good story.

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Default  Posted: 7:34 AM, March 29th (Tuesday)

I had just put it on reserve at my library. I'm only triggered by happy couples, and since I don't read "romance" novels, I think I'll do fine with this. Glad to hear a recommendation.

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