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Default  Posted: 3:06 AM, August 15th (Monday)

I just finished this. It's by David Sheff. It's a memoir of his struggle with his son's meth addiction. Very intense. His son has two books out now, one called "Tweak" which goes along with "Beautiful Boy" (one from his dad's point of view, one from his) and "We All Fall Down". I'm starting "Tweak" next.

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Default  Posted: 5:43 AM, August 15th (Monday)

I read Beautiful Boy a few years ago. LOVED it, and cried through most of it!

I haven't read his son's books. Maybe I'll check them out.

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Read them. Good. BUT, I saw a documentary on the son & father. The son kept trying to get clean--I mean STAY clean...he can't seem to for very long. Very sad. i don't think he's clean today.

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