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User Topic: Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley
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Since I'm in the stage of recreating a life after infidelity armageddon I am working on recovering a positive attitude about finances, relationships etc. I was recommended to read this book by an advisor. It's in the Law of Attraction self help realm . I am not attracted to reading these kinds of books normally (ha ha) but since I like this advisor I am giving it a go.

The main thing he recommends is to meditate on the feeling of happiness in the future. Add details as we are able like the great job, good relationships, whatever it is that we want.

He says to watch our thoughts so that we don't focus on negative beliefs like 'dating is so hard' and 'i'll never make enough money' etc etc etc otherwise we risk perpetuating the negative experience.

I would recommend it to someone who has done some post infidelity healing and ready to get back on their feet again. I think when you are in the middle of a trauma it's hard to follow this advice. If you can do it great, but it might be too frustrating.

BS, now age 54, d-day 6-2-08, divorced after 17 years M and 20 together. In some ways I have not 'gotten over it'. But I am resilient and have created a good life where I am mostly happy.

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