User Topic: OW wants to be my FB friend??
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Hi SI family,
I can't even remember the last time I posted divorce has been final since last fall and we sold the house 1/31/ is mostly good..but I still have bad days and "what the hell happened?" moments and right now I need the kind of support that only my SI friends who have been through this living hell can offer... could read my profile but long story short, EX is living with OW and has been since 12/11. Our kids are in college so no "co-arenting " involved really... I have never met her, contacted her , driven past her house or given her any attention whatsoever. If I bumped into her on the street I would not even know her.

Out of the clear blue sky I get a "friend request" from her...(yes I know her name and some basics, that's it)...

REALLY??? On what planet does she think I would ever want to be friends with her??? Can anyone give me their thoughts as to why, after a year and a half into this nightmare, she decides to ask me to be her FB friend???

I rejected the request...even though a small part of me was dying of curiousity...the whore doesn't even have a picture, it's just a silouette(so I still have no clue what she looks like), and she has a whole "6" friends on Facebook hahaha... none of them have anything in ENGLISH on their pages - seems she's straight off the boat from Poland..oh wait, my ex mother in law is her friend...and this is the same woman who told my children last summer that they will no longer come up from Florida to visit because "she doesn't approve of the situation"....REALLY???

My boys still refuse to meet her and ex mother in law is on their case about it now...tells them "she's really a nice person"...WTF??

So, just wondering if anyone out there has run into this and what I should make of it...thanks for listening:)

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Two words: batshit crazy.

Don't even think about her anymore. You can't understand crazy!

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I have no idea why she would ask to be friends with you - but seriously - fuck that bitch!

(I'd be tempted to friend her for a minute to look through her pics etc, copy what, if anything I wanted and then block her whore bag ass. But that's just me.)

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Um...weird. No, make that batshit crazy like phmh said.

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(I'd be tempted to friend her for a minute to look through her pics etc, copy what, if anything I wanted and then block her whore bag ass. But that's just me.)

We think alike. I'd not do it, of course. But I'd be very tempted.

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Probably just being ballsy like the former OW in my scenario.

She sent a Facebook friend request to my BROTHER with her profile pic showing herself with my (then) husband. That means she had to stalk him out of my friends since that part is public. I blocked her once I found that out.

She also followed me on Pinterest.

These OW are jealous of us in some fashion.

Crickets. These women do not exist in our lives if we can help it, right?

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Well maybe the relationship is getting stale and she is looking for drama to keep it going...? Maybe she thinks he is cheating and looking for advice... hehe Rejecting her was the wise thing to do

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My first thought even before opening this thread?


Yea, that. ^^^

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Hmmm... Maybe xWH is now disappearing for periods of time and she's suspicious and investigating you. Maybe sh'es got her head up her ass and think sthat she's "being the bigger person" by "reaching out".

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Clueless! Who knows what Bull your ex has been feeding her.
I see this as a pity situation.
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That's really pathetic!

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I think its drama seeking.

Ow in my case ends up sending an email here or there every once in a while. Not only tho me but my family me members too. So wierd!

And your ex mil is a loser for accepting the ow.

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This happened to me before I knew that my STBXWH was seeing her again. She sent me a request but I didn't see it for 2 days. I was tempted to accept it and look at her page but didn't. Instead I sent her a message and asked her why she sent me a request. Of course she never responded and removed her request right away. When I caught them she accused me of calling her cell, which I didn't know was hers and she had given to my X. So I brought up the Facebook request and she told me that was an accident. Maybe it was but it proved that she was looking at my page.
I think the OW is just trying to irritate you and is probably looking for drama. She probably thinks that it's been long enough that you have "gotten over it" and will accept her request.

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sometimes FB does send out a blanket friend request if you click the wrong button - a friend did that to her whole "suggested friends" list on accident. Some people were complete strangers!

But I'm glad you declined. Why open THAT bag of unicorn shit?

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My MIL facebook friended the OW last week. I could not believe it!!!She has not talked to me in a year and a half bc they think I am lying and that her wonderful son is only "friends" with this psycho bitch from hell..

I hope I NEVER do this to my future daughter in law. And if my sons ever cheat on their wives I'll be in their face day and night.

the end.

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Okay, who am I kidding? I would totally do it! I'd do it in the middle of the night when I knew she'd be asleep, go through her stuff like a druggie looking for crack, then unfriend her half an hour later. She'd never know!

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She is batshit crazy. My Ex's OW wants to be a drinking buddy when I and friends go to a local resturant. Are you fereaking kidding me?

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My WH#2's OW wanted us to meet up somewhere to talk on DDay#1. I was standing there in shock on the telephone, in another state, in a hotel room and she wants us to go have coffee and talk about it when I get home. Are you fu#$ing kidding me?? Seriously??!!? She wasn't calling to hurt me or anything like that, she just thought I should know that she has been my WH#2's GF for the last two years.

Who knows what goes through these crazy people's heads. Their life will be crap because they make it that way themselves and with their choices. Best just to smile and go on about your day and don't waste the headspace trying to figure them out. ((HUGS))

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Wow, thanks everybody for all the responses - sounds like this is a common scenario...but like many of u said I will never understand these batshit crazy people - both her AND the Ex...and why waste headspace on it???

Life is short and neither one of them are worth one more moment of space in my head...time to focus on the present:)

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Divorce final: 10/6/12 - my 22nd wedding anniversary
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What a crazy bitch!

I decline her request and probably ask her on in what world would she think you would want to be friends with her?

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It could be a mistake. I absolutely hate to admit it, but when I was back in my Facebook stalking days I sent my stbxh's mow a friend request by accident
Stupid iPhone. I was looking at her page to see if she had posted any new pics of herself that I could pick apart and pressed the friend request button by accident when I was scrolling.
I. Wanted. To.die.

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Sorry... wait...

Nope, that's still hilarious.
I hope you laughed in her stupid face.

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To me it sounds kind of like she's giving you crumbs, like feeding a mouse. Like, "I Win!" If you "befriend" her she can advertise to you all the stuff she puts on there.

It's my own theory that OWs have a fog and need an ego boost of their own. This is true for OW in the case of STBXH, who was very excited to compete with me but I wouldn't let it happen.

I think in a lot of ways she wants my life and will do what she can to steal it from me.

Your situation sounds a little bit similar and now sounds like a gloating period for her.

True, it could be a mistake but I'm not inclined to think so. I don't want to generalize, but my impression is that OWs don't have thinking or boundaries like other people and she's pushing at you, "the ex", to see what attention she can get.

I think things they do are very calculated, as I said.
I'm sorry for your dismay.

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I would not friend her and would actually block her. I would dare the skank OW to friend request me. My WS first crazy wife did and when I told him he ask me to block her. I was going to anyway. Skanks have a lot of nerve.

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Ew. She's totally deluded. Block and ignore. Carry on with your fabulous life!

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It could be a mistake

iPhone does really crazy stuff. I too got a message once " my delivery manager has accepted your friends request" . Errr.. When did I send her a request???

But, look at the other side of it. You can deny that request and hold your head high.

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The six friends is actually six mutual friends more than likely--that's what it looks like when someone is totally locked down, but someone else who you are already friends with has friends in common.

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After reading on another post about how to "grey rock" a psycho,,,I learned that psychos like to see reactions on people's faces. It's what they do when they are bored, is try to figure out ways to get reactions out of people.

She prob thought you'd call your xh.

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