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User Topic: Guess my dreams of being a cat burglar are dashed
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Default  Posted: 9:47 AM, March 26th (Tuesday)

Yup. Dashed on the rocks of reality.

My ankles snap, crackle and pop when I walk. And now with this stupid bronchitis I sound like a broken dog squeak toy - more wheezy than squeaky ... but certainly not quiet or stealthy.

I am feeling better, my chest isn't as tight and I can breath a bit easier, but there's still some constriction and a fair amount of congestion so I'm a rattle-y and wheezy, ankle popping fool.

I can't even sneak up on SG2 and she's deaf in one ear. LOL

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Default  Posted: 9:49 AM, March 26th (Tuesday)

My DD covers her ears when we walk up stairs together. She can't stand the ratcheting sound one of my knees make. Guess I can't be a cat burglar, either.

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