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In OT:

I'm not sure I'll survive DD's teen years

Not having a good morning

Yeah...that's too bad. Gonna do it my way

Also in OT, on the main page:

Title/Last Poster: Bridesmaids Dress Why??

Me: FBW/30 Him: FWH/33 The kidlets: DS13, DS10, and DD8 The hounds: Four Shih Tzu's
Finally, completely R'd
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Conversation with patient this week
Oh do tell,.......
What is your most embarassing moment?
Why is that funny?

Me: fWS 32
Her: BS 35 (HeartInADustpan)
DS: 4yo
M: 7 years
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in OT

Why do i feel this way?

Motivation for Exercise

Do you let your cat out?

Went to see a nutrionist last week..

well then....

Me: 31 MH
Him: 37 MH
New online find 6/19/14 - shit

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on the front page (title and poster):

50 Shades of Gray

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