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User Topic: 1st date number 20
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Default  Posted: 5:24 PM, April 11th (Thursday)

Yep, my 20th 1st meeting--they really aren't dates, those first times of meeting someone on line, just meetings. I think having had 20 of in the last two years qualifies me as a OLD veteran, right? Do I get a medal? At least my expectations are right where they should the belief that whatever happens it will be okay...simply hoping for meeting a nice person, having a good conversation over dinner and praying there will be no cheesy nut man type stories to share with my SI peeps afterwards!

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Default  Posted: 5:29 PM, April 11th (Thursday)

What's the proper send-off? Best of luck? Break a leg?

How about this - enjoy.

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How about: Enjoy & be happy :)

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You get a good luck from me :)

And I'm pretty impressed with your tenacity (though my BIL went on over 100 OLD before he met my sister.)

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Slog on soldier... No one can ever say that you don't have patience....

Have a great time!


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