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User Topic: hello All - first time I've felt I could post in "NB"
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Default  Posted: 12:17 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

Well - I think I have officially "graduated" to this forum. Wasn't sure this day would EVER come! Still waiting for divorce to be finalized, but have finally moved out of the limbo I have been in my life for the last almost two years. Why now?

Went for supper with my Dad and brother tonight to celebrate the "sold" sign on a beautiful little one hundred and eight year-old house that my family has gone together to purchase for me! The reason behind it is that until the D is final, STBXWH could lay claim to anything I would buy, and I dont have money until the marital house sells, AND the bank wont lend me anything while im still officially married due to STBX's tax arrears. But after nearly two years of living in a freezing basement room in someone else's house, I will, in few days, have my very own, cozy, charmimg little cottage - that has been completely updated and remodeled in the last 6 years. When everything is settled, I will buy it back.

Please allow me to ...hmm... what's the opposite of VENT?
I cant tell people IRL here because I cant let STBX know about the house. But I'm SO excited - I have to tell SOMEBODY!

I have prayed and prayed that God would find me just the right house that he had in mind for me. This was the first one I looked at. TO my astonishment, my dad, who I had brought along for another opinion, offered to buy it. A few hours later the deal was done!
The owner had also been praying for the right buyer - I believe it was right in his timing. It is the PERFECT little cottage for me!

Tall mature trees all around. - I cannot live without trees.
Maintenance-free yard.
Everything that could be fixed and updated - plumbing, windows, roof, eaves, electrical, furnace etc etc etc, has been done.
There is an attic bedroom - my marital home that I designed had an attic room.
There is space for a window-seat - something Ive always wanted.
MY favorite color on the walls.
Room for my piano and my seamstress business.
Charming cozy warm cheerful kitchen.
And Lilacs! I have always loved lilacs. Tried to grow them everywhere we've ever lived, without success. Here there is a veritable tunnel of overhanging lilacs over the patio. As I prayed and thanked God for this beautiful place that i can finally call home, I felt like He said, "Trebleclef, 60 years ago when those lilacs were planted, I already knew that one day you would be here and would need them. I was thinking of you before you were born."

For the first time in over 700 days I am waking up thinking of landscaping and planning where to put things and how to decorate, instead of waking with that all too familiar lurch in my gut and battling painful thoughts and memories all day and night.

Thankyou God!
Thankyou Family!
Thankyou SI for getting me here to New Beginnings!

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Default  Posted: 12:20 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

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Cool  Posted: 12:30 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

What a wonderful way to start !
God said double for your troubles! You are getting payed back Trebleclef !

Enjoy the process of moving to your new home !
Congrats ! That is about as cool as it gets !

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Default  Posted: 12:42 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

This is awesome!! I'm so happy for you

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Default  Posted: 1:13 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

That's wonderful, trebleclef!

Welcome to your NB.

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You play piano and you like lilacs. No wonder I like you so much!!

Have I mentioned lately that I think that it's AWESOME that you are getting out of that basement??!??

Does you stbx know about this? I'd imagine that this information is going to cause him to freak out....because how *dare* you actually have *decent* living accommodations!

Gosh, TC. I am so glad for you and happy to see you thinking about something other than *him*.

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No Gonna, that's why I'm jumping for joy here instead of in real life. I don't feel safe to let him to know until the divorce is final. And even then - it's none of his business. I'd probably feel better if he didn't know anything about where I am or what I'm doing - and the more people I tell here the more he is likely to know.

He's going to have enough on his plate trying to figure out where HE is going to live when the house we shared sells.

Apparently he's now broken up with MOW so I guess it won't be with her.

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So happy for you!!!! Welcome to your NB!

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what's the opposite of VENT?

I believe you're looking for the term "squee". Let me to ahead and demonstrate for you:

Squeee!!! Treble clef this sounds amazing!!!!! What a perfect answer to prayer, and a perfect start to your new life.

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Default  Posted: 6:02 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

So excited for you and congratulations!

You'll be officially divorced before you know it, and it will be easier to wait out that time in your wonderful new house.


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Default  Posted: 6:16 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

Yay, glad things are working out for you. Your cottage sounds divine, enjoy it.

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Default  Posted: 6:29 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

Great post! I'm so happy for you.

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I can feel your joy trebclef - thank you for sharing it with us!

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Congrats! It sounds so homey.

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Default  Posted: 8:42 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

Congratulations trebleclef! That is wonderful news...and I'm happy to see that you've also moved here on SI to the NB forum.
It's amazing how He is working in your life, lining everything up just right for you to walk into your new beginning.

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Wow! Good for you! That sounds fabulous!!!!!!

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So happy for you! Your family sounds like some real solid peope

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I've been praying to feel more joyful and I feel it for you TC. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

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Default  Posted: 10:07 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

How wonderful~! Congrats~! I hope to someday be in your position and have my own cozy little place. You make me look forward to my new beginning.

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Thankyou all for your warm welcome - I recognize many of you down here lol!!

Anybody know how to post pics?

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Let me add my voice to the chorus of SQUEEE!!! I'm so happy you're so happy!

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Squeee......triple squee!!!!

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Congratulations!!! Having your own home makes such a huge difference. It does for me, anyway. Enjoy your new beginning!!!!

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That's awesome!!! Can't wait to see pictures!

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I think everyone dreams of finding the perfect home, that reflects everything they love. I had tears reading how perfect your new place is for you. I wish you many joyful days in your lovely, peaceful cottage.

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Yay!!! Congrats!

Reading your post made me so happy! The future is bright.

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SQUEEEE! Love the part about God knowing you would one day be there to see the lilacs! So happy for you and WELCOME to your NB!!

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It sounds so wonderful, trebleclef. What a great way to start off your new beginning!

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The way you describe your little home with so much love sounds like the beginning of a magically story. Congratulations on finding your special place and how beautiful is your dad xxx

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So, so happy for you!!! I know what it feels like to have exactly the perfect home and waiting for God to put it in your lap. He did the same for me.

Enjoy your much-deserved New Beginning.

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Simply awesome. Well deserved. And what a wonderful supportive family you have.

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