User Topic: My birthday ..... And he's gone playing sport
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Concerned  Posted: 3:25 AM, April 18th (Thursday)

So. FWH says he's going to play sports and he will be out of my way for a couple of hours so I can play with all my new birthday toys he's bought me!!

I don't mind much but it's my birthday!!! I can play with my new toys any time!! On my birthday I'd prefer to spend it with him!!

THIS dear SI ers is that same selfish streak all ws's seem to posess without realising it.

Whilst he's made insurmountable changes to himself since we R there's still the odd fuckwit slip that occurs!!!

Still, he HAS bought me some nice stuff so him not being here for an hour or so does give me opportunity to play uninterrupted.

ETA: step aside now. There's birthday cake a callin'

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Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

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Happy Birthday, Mrs. D! Eat some birthday cake for me, too...YUM!

As long as he's not going to be gone all day, you two can enjoy the evening together - maybe a nice dinner out? A nice dinner HE cooks and a movie at home?

And enjoy the new toys...but do tell...what did he get you?

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Enjoy you BDay Mrs. D!

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Happy Birthday Mrs. D. And go ahead, play with your new toys and totally enjoy yourself!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!

I did this dumbass move a few years ago to fWW. I still feel bad about it when it pops in my mind (or when she reminds me on every subsequent birthday ).

Enjoy your cake!

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Happy Birthday! I hope it's wonderful.

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happy birthday hun ..

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Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy bday! I too see that old streak in H despite all the positive changes. His tactic is to ask permission - forcing me to play the bad guy...hate it!
What kind of toys did you get?

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Mrs. D is either enouying her toys or spending a nice birthday evening with Mr. D because she has been too busyto come back to this thread to tell us what her gifts were!

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