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My BS and i work in same place dif areas of it. I have a outfit by my job to wair cuss i work on cars. Today one the guys who works with my BS askd if i wair tite shirts to draw atention. Wich i got mad about. Cuss its a outfit not reg close. An it felt he trying to make me look badly. Cuss maybe he likes my BS i figgurd. I exsplaind to my BS no i dont do as he sed. But the fears and triggers now there. If anything my shirts titer cuss ive gaind 16pounds since we bin trying to work and R. She askd if i was eating guilt away cuss i had befor. I maybe doing such :( ...... well starting work just wanted get lil off chest cuss i feel lil upset mad and paon inside i put triggers in my BS and others are adding them now about me to.

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