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Default  Posted: 7:58 PM, April 28th (Sunday)

I have seen this guy since the beginning of December with absolutely nothing developing. He is an introvert, and he works nights. Without worrying over it or pushing it, it has just limped along.

He lives alone, has no kids. He can quite comfortably be by himself. A conversation might take days in text with 24 hours in between responses. I tease him about this.

We decide to see a movie today. 42.

1. We go to the wrong theater. No big deal, the right theater is just a couple of minutes away.

2. The movie is sold out. No big deal, he buys two tickets to the movie not sold out but starting at the same time.

3. This movie SUCKS. I mean awful. Pain&Gain. It has awkward everything and is BAD. Really bad. No big deal, we leave.

4. We go for a late lunch. The first place we go is closed from 3-5. It is 3:05. No big deal. We walk down to the restaurant at the end of the strip. Closed from 3-5...

5. We go to the same restaurant we went on our first date which was also a bit of a fiasco though not as bad as this. Bit pricy but at least OPEN.

We had a good time. I am laughing. I am a good sport and I like this guy. He seems to be taking it in stride too.

We shared fried green tomatoes. Warmed up with coffee.

From there he wants to go shopping for flowers for his yard. It is raining. I point out that it is raining. He pulls a rain coat out of the back seat and helps me into it... so we traipse through the rain and talk flowers, plantings and hardiness.

I have always liked this guy, but I kinda want a conversation more than one sentence a day. And if it takes six months before the first kiss.... (it has yet to happen although we DID hold hands in the movie today)

I had decided he just wasn't into me, or into dating at all. But he has messaged me an hour after I got home with

"I enjoyed the company. Maybe we can do it again sometime sooner than later."

Acknowledgement that there is a long time between our dates/contact but still it says MAYBE...

OH, but earlier today he says he has rented a house at the beach for the week for mother's day. I should come down for a couple of days. I assumed he was JOKING, so I said, laughing, can I bring my two boys and my dog? He answered seriously, with "it's just me and my mom. There is plenty of room. I'm bringing my dogs" and after a pause, asked if my kids were unruly.

I went mama bear defensive on how wonderful my boys are and neglected the rest of it.

I may have been "seeing" this guy for almost 6 months, but in between this date and the last I had time to date someone else and break up with him ... twice. So no way is a beach trip with his mom and my kids in the future. I'd be happy with another movie.

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Default  Posted: 8:02 PM, April 28th (Sunday)

Caregiver - your posts are great! I guess you just cant make this stuff up but I am ROFL!!!

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Default  Posted: 9:45 PM, April 28th (Sunday)

CG funny...

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Default  Posted: 9:58 PM, April 28th (Sunday)

I must be in a mood... and that is why I am picturing his mom, upstairs, in a rocking chair, in the attic...eke, eke, eke.

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Default  Posted: 10:03 PM, April 28th (Sunday)

lol, that's funny because we met in a parking lot to ride into the town where the movie was playing. He has several vehicles and I was wondering if he'd be in the truck or the car. He'd called to tell me he was running a few minutes late, we chatted a few minutes and hung up because he said he was almost there.

The next vehicle into the parking lot was a white panel van...

I giggled and wondered how many dates do you have to go on before getting into a white panel van with a date seems like a good idea?

Of course it wasn't him, and he pulled in (in the truck) right after and I told him why I was giggling.

I have those moods too!!

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Default  Posted: 10:29 PM, April 28th (Sunday)

Sounds like a wonderful bad date!! Have you told him that you like him and would like to hear from him and see him more often??

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Default  Posted: 7:57 AM, April 29th (Monday)

"Have you told him that you like him and would like to hear from him and see him more often??"

That is what I am wondering might not be that he is not into you....but yet he is afraid of scaring ya off? Thus is why he does the "maybe" when asking you?

I think you have nothing to lose by saying that you would like to feel more connected to him and explaining what that entails, etc. See how he responds?

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Default  Posted: 3:47 PM, April 29th (Monday)

CG You are a very patient person. Oh and very funny too.

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