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to do the wage garnishment thing. I'm annoyed that I have to do it. It's not my responsibility. I make sure my son gets my financial contribution for his necessities. Why can't this fucker contribute his share to his son?

Whatever...I'm annoyed, but it's just business now and I've got this lovely pair of bitch boots that I finally get to break in. I texted him a couple of night ago, "Teslet has expressed an interest in soccer there is a morning camp for XXXX dates at X time. If you would like to contribute to the cost, your half would be $X." You think I've heard anything back? Of course not. He hasn't paid CS since the end of January. Why would he give a shit about a soccer camp for his kid. Hasn't paid his portion of tuition or registration for next year. Hasn't paid me half of his 2012 tax refund per the D decree. Hasn't cleaned up his accounting mess with CS state office. Well fuck that guy. I am in the business of making sure that his son is financially provided for and he will pay his share.

I will be asking that he pay my lawyer's fees. Especially after I forward the text he sent me asking when I was going to have my lawyer garnish his wages.

This guy. Such a fuck.

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Ooooh! Such pretty bitch boots!

Sorry you have to deal with this, tes. Yes, it's well and truly time to Fuck. That. Guy.


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Such sharp tools, eh?? I am getting myself prepared for the money game.. I know it's going to happen. Sorry your Dooosh can't be a man.

Oh.. Wait.

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I'm annoyed that I have to do it. It's not my responsibility.

Girlfriend, I am so with you on this. Mother Fucker over here thinks he is such an awesome guy for making child support payments the last few months, when *HELLO*, after threatening me with closing me out of accounts and threatening to withhold CS, I FREAKING SET UP THE AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL FROM AN ACCOUNT HE CAN'T CLOSE . Now, he's taking an affront that it would be mandated for him to pay CS because he has been so *faithful* to do so? Whatever. Fuck him. Fuck your EX.

He hasn't paid CS since the end of January.

^^ What a douchedick. FTG, and at least know that if you handle it, it will be done right.

Oy. FTG.

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What a douchebag. Fortunately for me, my STBXH asked that I have his wages garnished. He's a total loser with money and he knows it. So he wants it out of his check upfront. As much as an asshole as my STBX has been about a lot of things, money is not one of them.

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Considering the debt collector incident the other day and his inability to meet his financial obligations to his son, it sounds like things are going swimmingly with his little pole dancing girl. I guess that's what happens when you shack up with somebody who is willing to give lap dances for cash.

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Shit tesla, I didn't know he wasn't paying CS since the end of January. I'm glad you aren't going to waste any more time and set up wage garnishment. It absolutely sickens me when our WS's can't just do the fucking right thing. Good luck.

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Shit tesla, I didn't know he wasn't paying CS since the end of January.

Yeah. He made a 'gift' at the end of January that my L says I should take as a prepayment...she said I would have a better chance of getting a garnishment (which really, is what I ultimately want anyway) and he would look more the fool. Taking that money as a prepayment, he is technically 'only' 6/7 weeks behind. But he doesn't know that. Plus, I wanted to wait till about a month after I know that he did his taxes so that I can go after the half of the tax refund that I'm entitled to per the D decree.

It's irritating to me that he hasn't made a payment or at the very least even tried. Well, I got a text about 3 weeks ago saying that I could expect a sizable sum from both his CS and the tax refund. Oh gee, isn't that swell? He texted me that he knows he owes. This guy makes a lot of money...I mean, a lot. I'm a teacher for god's sake.

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Looks like it times to throw the stripper back up on the pole to make a little extra cash.

Be glad its the only button he has left to push honey.


I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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((((tesla and teslet))))

I'm so sorry that he can't be bothered to pay for HIS OWN KID!!!!!

Good thing you've got those bitch boots in reserve, can we have a peek??

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Don't get poop on those boots when you kick his ass.

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Go Get'em Tesla.
He is out of control.
I just made my final CS payment last week which was a relief. Happy I caught her in the affair, since I did not have to pay any alimony.

It all stinks for sure.

Good thing for you is that you are smart, caring, and hard working.

Teslet is so fortunate to have you.

I always say Rut Roh. Happy I have been corrected by you!

Hang in there. You are so strong.


so Attractive!

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This guy makes a lot of money...I mean, a lot. I'm a teacher for god's sake.

What a douche. I have a feeling I am going to be in your shoes one day. My ex has finally paid up but I'm not expecting it to last. They sure do know how to fuck up their lives and take everyone down with them, don't they?

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It is annoying to have to do someone else's job. Whether it's the X or someone you work with.

At least he gets to pay for your attorney to clean up his mess.



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Wow, that sucks. I'm sorry. What an ass.

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