User Topic: What's your favorite Sad Love Song?
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Default  Posted: 2:27 PM, May 10th (Friday)

I will admit, sometimes, I make myself a little more sadder to music. Although I hate to do it, crying always makes me feel better. Haven't cried in a while...

I used to have a playlist called "runny mascara" on my ipod. Then realized I hadn't played it in a while.
Here's some of the songs:

Wish you were here by Pink Floyd.
Let down by Radiohead.
Love is a losing game by Amy Winehouse.
Wake up alone by Amy Winehouse.
Stepping Stone by Duffy.
Video of When you were young by the killers.(Always makes me cry when I watch it)

What are your sad songs?

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Recently it's been Pink's "Give Me A Reason".

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Really trending toward D- planning about it is my "happy place" now.

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Default  Posted: 4:30 PM, May 10th (Friday)

"Eye in the sky" by Alan Parsons tops my current list.

Don't think sorry's easily said
Don't try turning tables instead
You've taken lots of chances before
But I'm not gonna give anymore
Don't ask me
That's how it goes
Cause part of me knows what you're thinkin

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Lately it's been "Eye" by Smashing Pumpkins. Before that, "Another Sad Love Song" by Toni Braxton, also "Angel From Montgomery" (the version with Bonnie Raitt sings with John Prine). Surely there are more... been trying to listen to music that's not about love or relationships or sex... It helps get my head in a different place.

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I can't make you love me by Bonnie Raitt!

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Default  Posted: 5:02 PM, May 10th (Friday)

"Remember When" by Alan Jackson

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Ooh, "Wish You Were Here" is a great one.

This isn't really sad, but it kind of made me chuckle at the time.

"One is the Loneliest Number" by Three Dog Night.

I heard it on the radio shortly after our separation. I was alone in the car and the song came on, and I said out loud, "Shut up, Three Dog Night," and changed the station.

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Default  Posted: 5:13 PM, May 10th (Friday)

I will always love u.

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Default  Posted: 5:55 PM, May 10th (Friday)

Rhianna's 'Stay'

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Come on get higher...Matt Nathanson

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Default  Posted: 10:46 PM, May 10th (Friday)

'You lost me' Christina Aguilera. The 'you couldn't keep your hands to yourself' gets me every time.

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Default  Posted: 1:47 AM, May 11th (Saturday)

Wish You Were Here is the ringtone when H calls me.

Just Give Me a Reason is my big song right now. Also high on my list is You Were Mine by the Dixie Chicks.

Not a love song, but Wayman's Song/Crying for Me by Toby Keith and The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert get me every time.

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Default  Posted: 1:47 AM, May 11th (Saturday)

Life Will Go On by Chris Isaak

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Default  Posted: 1:55 PM, May 11th (Saturday)

I don't know if these are sad, but I love adam lamberts what do you want from me (or whatever the name is... I only hear it on the radio)

I also like one direction all the right moves. I don't think it means what I thought it did, but when we were divorcing, the song went, "Everyone knows we're going down" and that was sort of my internal theme song LOL =)

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ohhhh.... lady gagas bad romance is also a favorite. not really sad, but I always think of wh and our very own bad romance!

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Have to add another vote for Remember When by Alan Jackson

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Love her madly- the doors
Most Maximo Park or Glasvegas songs
Better do better- Hard-Fi

I have The Imperial March (Darth Vader's theme) for when the Mrs rings me...

Oh and Maybe by Emili Sande and Suitcase by her as well

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Default  Posted: 11:44 AM, May 12th (Sunday)

Stay - Rihanna
I won't give up - Jason Mraz

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There grew a little flower 'neath a great oak tree.
When the tempest 'gan to lower, little heeded she.
Sing Hey, lack-a-day
Sing Hey, lack-a-day
Sing Hey, lack-a-day, Let the tears fall free
For the pretty little flower and her great oak tree.

The song is from Gilbert & Sullivan's Ruddigore, and it brought tears to my eyes before the A. I can't even type the words without tears.

Hoping to help me feel better and not knowing the lyrics, shortly after D-Day my W asked me where the record was so she could play one of my favorite songs. I explained it wasn't a good choice, given where we were.

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Default  Posted: 9:41 PM, May 16th (Thursday)

Reba McIntre: Every Other Weekend and also, Consider me Gone, from the same album.

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Default  Posted: 5:45 AM, May 17th (Friday)

Reba McEntire's:

The Wife (is the last one to know)

And Also:

You Lie

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"Dancing with another man" by Bruno Mars. It came out about one week after DDAY :(

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Default  Posted: 2:24 PM, May 17th (Friday)

'For the good times'
Breaks me up

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Open Arms, Journey
Still, Commodores

The Impossible Dream, Man of LaMancha

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Someday When I Stop Loving You by Carrie Underwood

A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans

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You are my Sunshine by Screeching Weasel

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Dreams to remember...Don Rich

Lord protect my child....Susan Tedeschi

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YES! Dreams to Remember, what a great song

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He was cheating for 5 years
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Default  Posted: 10:25 AM, May 19th (Sunday)

Restless Heart Syndrome-Greenday
21 Guns-Greenday
Lat Night On Earth-Greenday
Just Give Me a Reason-Pink
Beam Me Up-Pink
Maryjane-Alanis Morisette

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Good as I was to you-Lorrie Morgan and Whiskey Lullaby-Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss. The video to Whiskey Lullaby is so sad.

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Default  Posted: 11:20 AM, May 19th (Sunday)

Beck's Lost Cause

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Default  Posted: 8:39 AM, May 20th (Monday)

George strait-desperately
Brantley Gilbert-best of me
Brantley Gilbert- you don't know her like I do.

These songs really hit home for me.

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Complicated heart - mltr
Just for you - Lionel Richie
All of my life - phil colins
Sometimes love just ain't enough - patty smith.

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