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So H is charging his phone out in the garage (where we smoke)...he goes in to make dinner, so I sneak a peek...we're 8 months into R and he's been very consistent I don't check as much - or as blatantly as I used to. So I'm going through the usual on his iPhone and I hear the door start to open. By reflex, I push the home button and put the phone back...but he's seen me - and now I'm sitting there sheepishly, like the cat who ate the canary - feeling guilty (which I know I shouldn't - but he's given me no cause for concern recently and working sooo hard...)

He chuckles - and says whatchadoing? And I say "...sorry..." and he says - "baby - you can use my phone whenever you apologies. I know how much you like my calculator app!" he made me laugh and I love love love him!!!

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Humor helped us through a lot of the tough stuff.

I'm glad he gets it.

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hahaha. so cute!!

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clapping for NL's H!!

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That's great! I get that same sheepish look when H catches me in his phone. I always apologize & he always says "Dont you dare apologize. I did this to us. I'm the one who's sorry for what I did". He always gives me a hug & a kiss so I know it really IS okay. Somehow it always makes me feel better.

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True Love, is when your FWH tells you that if you can''t remember how to bring up the task bar when his Civilization II game, in the late 20th century is on, to just flush the game if you need to see the computer. Giving up the chance to nuke the world and be the last man standing on earth just so I can check his computer history is Real Love!

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I love it! :D

That's a true sign of a man who wants to build trust and has nothing to hide.

I do feel the need to offer a teeny word of caution, however. I was at a point where I didn't feel I needed to check up on my guy, and it was around that time he started seeing her again. However, he wasn't responding the way your guy did when he saw me snooping. He'd get irritated. But he responds more like your guy now. He's an open book and says he loves that he can leave his phone out and not worry about me seeing anything. I still check from time to time . . . just cause. Cause after I had "thought" I could stop and then was slammed to the ground wishing I had never stopped, its hard to actually stop. But he truly is giving me no reason to suspect anything these days and is totally in love with me and showing me all the time. So . . . yay.

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Don't worry Patchy - I know the signs! If he ever protects that phone again, I'll go right into PI mode!! And I plan on doing a full sweep in the next few months - just to verify he's NC at work - its a busy casino - I just need to be sure I don't see him on a secret cell - although I've torn the house and cars apart looking! Also, his time when we're apart is always accounted for... I truly feel this is true R but he became such a skilled liar in such a short time - lies told to intentionally mislead me ... I just don't ever wanted to be fooled again!

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Skan, I love you and your man. Any relationship with Civ II in it has got to be something special.

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Good for you both!

One of the positives that has come out of this mess for us is that my fWH is MUCH less obsessed with his phone. It wasn't just A related; it was just really intrusive; I think he may have been addicted. Now it's just a phone, and I can touch it whenever I want!

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