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Today is one year out for me. If only I knew then what I know now! If only- I knew that it would take him nine months to get rid of his three-timed married ap- trickle truths and outright lies. Not to mention on-line dating sites and continued inappropriate relationships with other women!! And the complete lack of respect for me. But- like a fool I believed in him!!! I've finally realized how sick he really is!!!!

Anyways last night we had an argument after I discovered a phone call he made on his cell. The number was listed under a company name but I recognized it as another woman's number who has been pursuing my wayward. He had a strict no contact- for this woman as well. Obviously- I was livid. I tried to talk to him and he was on the defensive!!! Yeah- whatever!!

We have two teenage boys- 19 and 15. Well I had absolutely no intention of ever telling our kids!! Eventhough- obviously they knew that something was very wrong!!! I was acting like a zombie and my dramatic weight loss. And also me and their father were at each others throats!! I began to search on-line regarding psychologist's opinions on whether or not to tell older children. It seemed to be the overall consensus was about 50/50. And then I read something that stated if your children are older they probably have a very good idea of what's going on!! I've always been completely honest with my children and they were very worried about me.

Again- six months since d-day and repeatedly broken nc- a secret cell phone and a hotel meeting and all his lies. He was acting strangely one night- and I asked to see his cell phone. He promised me that I could check his phone at any time and that he had nothing to hide!! But- when I asked he said "no- I don't like your tone!" I told him that what he was doing was hurting his entire family and he promised me that I could see his phone whenever I wanted! He laughed at me. I told him that I thought that it was time for our boys to know the truth. And he told me to do whatever! I don't think he honestly thought I would.

So here's the deal. Last night when he was angry he said "so- you told our kids to get even with me?" I told him the following:

I told our kids because they already knew that something was really wrong and I had to be honest with them!! I told them very gently with my wayward in attendance. I told them because I thought it would yank my wayward out of the fog and back to reality!! And I thought that they had every right to know that their mom tried everything in her power to keep their family together!!! The absolute truth has always been extremely important to me!!!!!!!!

Sorry this is so long! My husband also said last night that he can't wait to see the look on the mc face when he tells her that I told our kids! From my prospective- I did nothing wrong in being honest with our children!!! I need opinions please has anyone brought this up in mc???

Here's the really sick part. My husband has told me that he had met his other woman's teenage daughter who obviously knew her mother was cheating and her new boyfriend was married. But- somehow that wasn't inappropriate???

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Just to eleaborate. I told our children the bare minimum. That their father had a girlfriend and he wasn't willing tongive her up but I would always be there for them!!

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I found out about A#1 four years ago, and I chose to put on the happy face and keep it from the kids. On 3-28-13 I confronted POS about A#3. I thought again about whether to tell the kids, who are now 16, 20, and 21. I wasn't concerned about the older two, but I took a deep look at DD16. I decided she was old enough, smart enough, and mature enough to handle the truth. I was simply tired of the lies. I told POS I was going to tell them as they had a right to know what has been going on. I sat DD16 down and had a long talk. She took it very well, but was extremely angry at POS. Some of her comments were: "You are a better person than me because I would have kicked him to the curb years ago." "I knew something was going on because his behavior has been really suspicious." And my favorite, "I am so glad you told me the truth and treated me like I have a brain; so many things make much more sense now."

In other words, she would have been resentful had I kept it from her. You just have to know your own kids' emotional maturity level to know if it is right. They already know more than you realize. POS now has to deal with the fallout of his actions and explain himself as I no longer have to cover for him/us and it was a huge weight off my back.

People feel differently about whether to tell or not, but I believe I made the right choice where my kids are concerned.

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Ahhhh, the skewed thought processes of a wayward never cease to amaze me.

He thinks that your MC is going to fault you for being honest with your children when he continues in breaking NC with his AP while he continues to tell you he is in R? AYFKM? What an idiot.

Based on this situation is there even any point to continuing MC? Sounds like it's time to move toward NC. I'm so sorry - and although it hurts like hell, you did not do this - HE did - both to you and to your children. ((Hugs))

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I think what you told your children is perfect. They don't need nitty-gritty details, but that your marriage broke up because of an affair is a simple honest truth that teenagers can handle. And probably appreciate, in a way. Teenagers don't like to be kept in the dark about stuff.

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Default  Posted: 2:58 PM, May 11th (Saturday) wasn't your responsibility to cover up what your WS was doing. I know it is hard to give a false face to your children while going thru this...immensely hard. There is no right answer but you seem to have handled it in a good manner. They may need counseling themselves as they process this into their lives. Truth is never bad.

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My DS's IC advised that I do not lie to them. Mine are much younger so I didn't tell them about the affairs because they wouldn't understand but I told them that Daddy broke promises and didn't treat mommy like she deserved. When they are older, if they ask again, I will tell them the truth.

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If my kids were teens or older, I would definitely tell them. I have also been honest with my dd that something is wrong. I told her that daddy really hurt my feelings and because of that I can't be married to him any longer. I then reassured her that we both still loved her and would always be there for her.

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My DS was 20 when it all started, but I didn't want to tell him because if we managed to R, I didn't want him to think badly of his father. Well, things went on for a long time, getting worse & worse, and DS was very stressed about it. He finally went to his aunt (X's sister). She called and told me about it, so I took DS aside and told him what was going on. I wish I hadn't waited.

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My kids are young so I said that "daddy made some bad choices". They are too young to know anything about affairs, but if they have questions as they grow older, I have no intention of lying to them.

Waffle's parent divorced 25+ years ago. He is 37 now and had no idea until a month ago that wayward FIL was a factor. He had thought that his dad "still loved" his mom, but she went ahead and filed.

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I, too, have found the advice on telling to be split. I have an older friend who told his kids years later, when they were adults, that he divorced over cheating. They were glad to finally know the truth.

My kids range from adult to elementary school. I'm sure the older ones heard the fights. In fact, I know they did. Only one of them has ever asked directly. I asked him did he really want to know what his father did. He thought two seconds and decided no.

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You did nothing wrong.

I believe children need to know the truth, and the older they are, the more they need to know.

Yes, I told my kids the truth from the start. To this day, I believe we are closer and stronger because of that.

Hang in there.


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I told my children (17 & 19) on the advice of my IC. In my case, the A ended 2 years prior and that time was spent rug sweeping. When wh's suspect behavior started again and my gut started screaming, I called it quits without looking for any proof. The kids (and their friends) were confused. I told them their father had an affair (they were like, duh mom) and was never totally honest with me and I couldn't trust him any more and I didn't want to spend the rest of my life like that. I also let them know if they had any questions down the line, I would try to answer them.

I don't know if it was the right thing to do, but I feel good about being honest.

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My boys were 18 on D Day. Both home on Xmas break from college. Both knew something had been wrong for a did I, I just didn't know what. So, they heard the talking, the crying, the arguing. And when they asked, I told them. Dad had a girlfriend. Both were disgusted when didn't throw WH right out of the house. I told them we had a 30 year relationship that was worth trying to save. Both were pretty cynical about that. And they were right to be. WH never had any intention to try R.

When he left, both boys were angry, but relieved. They both thought I would be much happier without him. They were right.

I think older kids SHOULD know...if they ask. And not the gory details, just the bare facts. But they deserve to know the truth.

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I am a big believer in being honest with kids. When they know something and ask you about it, then you damn well better tell them the truth or they will not trust you later.

Saying that…

mj, based on this post, it sounds like you told the kids in retribution or punishment of your stbx. Maybe I am reading it wrong, maybe you did not describe the events clearly enough for me. Based upon this one post, this is how I interpret the series of events:

WH cheats

You discover

He continue to cheat and lie and disrespect

You (or maybe you and he) decide to D

You start posting in the D/S forum. (I am unclear if you or he have filed) I assume that you have decided to D rather than R at this point.

He continues to cheat and lie and disrespect you.

YESTERDAY, he gets a call and lies to you again.

YESTERDAY, after discovering your STBX lied again (shocker!), you sit the kids down and tell them that their father cheated.

To me, if these series of events are accurate, that sounds like you used the kids to punish your stbx. If that is the case, then shame on you!! There is a BIG difference between honesty with kids and telling kids things to “punish” your X. It would be different if your kids asked out “Did Dad cheat?” or even “Why are you so mad at Dad?”. But if they were not asking questions and you “decided” they should know what a scum ball their father was because you were angry, then you should not have said anything.


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One month after D-Day, I found out WH had involved the kids, playdates, movies, parks, etc., and had been having the kids lie to me about it. So we sat the kids down and told them he had been "kissing" this woman, that daddy made a mistake, and that he was sorry for having them lie to me.

Since my children are so young, I was initially dead set on not letting them know, but he involved the kids with OW (and continues to to this day), so I felt it was best they knew the truth. Had he not involved the kids and wasn't involving them now, I think things would have went a little differently..

I've also been told to be careful telling the children, "daddy broke promises" or "daddy hurt mommy" because you don't want the children thinking they can make the same mistakes (break a promise or hurt mommy) and you will leave them. I think it's best if they know it's something they are not capable of ever doing to you, so you will never "break up" with them..

I think you did perfect with your children. Your spouse has his head pretty far up his ass when it comes to dealing with children..

My husband has told me that he had met his other woman's teenage daughter who obviously knew her mother was cheating and her new boyfriend was married.


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I read Dreamboat's comment shortly after I posted, and I have to say I might agree with her.

I told them because I thought it would yank my wayward out of the fog and back to reality!!

I think it's better if you are telling them because they are asking questions or because things will be changing (one of you leaving the home, etc.), not for personal gain and to build an army against him.. I can see where you might think it will help for him to see the damage he is doing to the children too, but you don't want to use them like that..

But you say they knew something was wrong, you told them the minimum, and I do agree they are at an age where it's appropriate to be honest.. I would just be much more careful what you continue to tell them and show them. They are learning about marriage and relationships right now by both of your actions, and they know a lot more now, so what you guys say and do will have a pretty big impact on them and how they handle their future relationships..

Good luck..

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Kids therapist advised me that what they were thinking was far worse than an affair. if they asked..tell them the truth. They asked - I told. A couple of them suspected. One had met OW and was sworn to secrecy. it was a surprise to 1 kid out of 4.

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I've also been told to be careful telling the children, "daddy broke promises" or "daddy hurt mommy" because you don't want the children thinking they can make the same mistakes (break a promise or hurt mommy) and you will leave them. I think it's best if they know it's something they are not capable of ever doing to you, so you will never "break up" with them..

This is a pretty important distinction. I made it clear to my kids that Daddy broke promises to me that HUSBANDS should never break to their wives. That there are promises husbands & wives make on their wedding day to each other and God, and THOSE are the promises that were broken. That it was not possible to stay married any longer because of the lies and broken promises. I told them that it was NOT the same as parents and children, this was husband & wife stuff. So no, I would not be divorcing them if they lied or broke promises.

It's a damn good thing I told them this from the get-go, because you can be sure that STBX has repeatedly told them that we're divorcing because I got mad at him one day, making it sound like I could very well one day get mad at the kids & toss them out the door like I did him.

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I agree with dreamboat about being careful about the motivation behind the information, but I also believe that, in this landscape, that is incredibly difficult to navigate.

So, you do the best you can, and sometimes that means you are put in the difficult position of releasing information to your kids in emotionally difficult circumstances. You may not handle it perfectly, but considering the position you've been placed in, that is a risk. I don't think how you handled it changes much, it is what it is, sadly. And you are doing the best you can. ((Hugs))

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I did. My DD17 knew something was up and confronted me via email. She was upset that I withheld the truth from her. She perceived that as dishonesty. From that point on, I was completely honest with their questions. I gave just the facts. I also told them what you did about trying everything I could to keep the family together.

You didn't say anything inappropriate.

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D-Day #2, after having some major gaslighting and mind-fucking by EX ... I told the kids we were getting a divorce because daddy was in love with another woman and she was married.

Not my finest moment, but the kids have never questioned that they were the reason for divorce.

I was so sick of many lies, for so many years!!!! .... There was no way I could lie to them.

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I told my oldest the truth only because ex was being a bigger jerk then he was already was and deliberately was trying to turn the kids against me in his own little mindfuck games. My oldest was only 12 at the time.

My youngest was 8 at the time, he worked it out for himself, xwh introduced the kids to the home wrecker before we separated or had told them and DS knows 'friends don't sleep in the same bed'.

Do I regret it? I am not sure, I am still not sure if it was the right thing to do. But I can't take it back now.

Oldest DS now hates his father and refuses to have anything to do with him, but has taken 2 years of mind games to get to this point. Youngest DS still hasn't give up hope yet that Dad will change.

But my youngest DS has admitted recently IC that he gives the OW a hard time because "she ruined his life" and "they hurt mum" in his eyes. The IC told him it's not his fight to fight. At the time was like WTF? But after some time thinking about it, he is right, it's is not the kids fight. Sure xwh choices have changed the kids lives forever, but ultimately what he did was to me and it's not up to the kids to fight my battles for me. Sure they can be angry at him for what he did to them though. But it's not up to the kids to defend their parent for them.

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After I had solid proof on D-Day2 I told my kids (two adults and a 16-yr old).

The boys were very upset with their mother and they still are to some degree. My daughter was more forgiving, but still not happy about it.

I felt they needed to know what kind of a person their mother really is.

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I told our kids. My son was home when I found out about the "last" OW---there is no way it could be kept from him.

I learned much later--after WS and I separated and when our son was in a deep depression (which predated d-day, but at that point was manifesting physically, as migraines)---that DS had overheard his father on the phone with someone NOT me (because, well---I was right there), talking in a way that should have been reserved for talking with me. This occurred WELL before d-day---a good 2-3 years.

So on some level, he knew. And this knowledge, held in (because he had NO idea what do do with it, poor child), made him PHYSICALLY ILL. He also blamed himself.

It was a relief for him when it all came out. And it was even more of a relief when I then recognized his physical symptoms (for which he'd been given serious meds, endured serious and expensive tests, and missed MASSIVE amounts of school) as part of a major depression.

My daughter was away at school. And yes, I told her, too. It was very difficult, but lies are what got us here, and I was damned if I was going to contribute to the atmosphere of dishonesty.

My husband was aware of and "supportive" (and present) when the kids were told.

He then was irate. And now he blames me for his lack of relationship with both kids. (Never mind that he's completely absent from their lives--in every way.)

His kids have ZERO respect for him---every single bit of it deserved.

The sad thing is that they both WANT to respect him. They love him. And he is totally unworthy--because he is utterly incapable of loving back. Unless he's getting that heady (heh-no pun intended) narcissistic supply, he has no desire for contact with anyone. They remind him of his failures, so they are .... history.

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I told mine fairly early on. Partly because it was necessary due to the fact that he was ramming 0W down their throats. But it also became necessary. I learned afterwards that the other woman was telling my kids that I had up and left him while he was away on his deployment. She was telling them that she didn't meet him until after we were apart. Due to her own blabbermouth, the kids quickly saw the timeline discrepancies of when they supposedly "fell in love at first sight". The event she was describing was long before the timeline she gave. It was like a lightbulb moment for my oldest.

Since my ex husband decided to involve history rewriting and blame shifting in his stories to the kids, I'm glad I have been truthful. In fact, my children's therapist told me I needed to be or the children would be at risk of being turned against me due to the things they were being told that were not true.

Someone posted earlier in this thread but I'm too lazy to go back and look for it that "the waywards don't do this to the kids, they do this to us, but I must disagree. It may not be their fight, but they certainly are collateral damage. The United States might not be aiming for innocent civilians when it drops a missile on a structure overseas, but when they kill a bunch of innocent schoolchildren, that's some pretty serious collateral damage if you ask me. It is also certainly "done to them" by the guilty party. They don't have the same issues to work out, but they certainly have their own issues and they are very enmeshed with what has been done to us.

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There are differing opinions on what/how to tell kids about this. You know your kids best and what they can handle/understand. For me I used some advice here and simply told them, Mommy broke the rules of marriage. It was very wrong and Mommy made bad choices. I told them I will always be here for them, I have worked hard to keep their house for them and this will always be a safe place.

She hates that I tell them anything. But too bad. Sometimes lying in the bed you made is not as comfortable as it looked while you were making it.

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I told all three of my kids the truth - they were all adults. No way was I going to cover for the cheating, lying ass. Youngest DD was actually in the room when I got the phone call from MOW's family (on New Years Eve, no less), so she knew from the get-go. (X had already abandoned me and the marriage- long story of him gas lighting and me in denial - you know, that absolute trust thing) Youngest DD was 20 and in college so guess what she got for Christmas break that year? Stupid fucking cheaters have ruined so much for so many people.

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Amazing that your ws wants to make you the bad guy. Do not think for a minute that you did anything wrong. Your kids are not stupid. My children know as well. I was exactly like you a zombe, lost about 40 pounds etc.. even my 11 year old figured out what was going on. My ws tried to act like I was a monster for being honest as well. Like you, I to told them the bare minimum in an age appropriate way. Hell, my ws had already brought her around them anyway.

Also, I do not believe in divorce except in cases of adultery, abuse or addiction. Lying to the kids and telling them that we just didn't get along or we fell out of love would contadict all we have taught them over the years. I would be condoning divorce for trivial reasons and teaching them that if you fall out of love it is okay to divorce which is not a message that I want to send my children.
We are currently in R, so my children are learning the power of love and forgiveness. If he continues to betray after all we have been through, the kids will learn that there is a point when a person must protect themself from continuous abuse. At some point is is time to leave to preserve your dignity as a human being.

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