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Default  Posted: 8:02 PM, May 11th (Saturday)

My best friend is getting married in September. She is about 53, fiance is 46ish. They are very happy, and I am happy for them. Her kids are grown and gone, his are about 16 and 12.

This is 2nd marriage for her, he never married the kid's mom, so first for him. They are doing the "full" wedding...100ish guests, white dress, 4 of us on each side in the wedding party.

Do I throw her a shower? They have a house, they have everything they "need"! I don't know the expectation on a second wedding. I know i wouldn't want a shower...but then,I didn't want them the first time around either! I hate them!

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Default  Posted: 8:29 PM, May 11th (Saturday)

Throw her a shower, call it a party!!

You will have the side that say 'you shouldn't do that, its tacky'

and then those that would say "who cares!"

You have options....

Have a girls weekend, pamper at the spa, find a cabin and chill, go to another city and site see....but only girls - so kinda shower, bachlorette, kinda party thingy.

If they really dont need anything, then just make it fun...

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