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Needed a bunch of boxes to start packing POS's crap and I found someone on Craig's List looking to give theirs away after their move, so I snatched them up. They were a mixed bag of sizes, type, etc. that had already been broken down. After spending the day packing his crap and stacking them temporarily in our living room, I took a break and sat down for a few moments. As I sat there, looking at the growing mountain of boxes, a smile crossed my face as I really looked at a large box sitting closest to me. Then I couldn't help but chuckle. It was a box from a toilet! How utterly appropriate to be packing his shit after he flushed our M down the toilet in an actual toilet box! The irony of it was too good! Maybe it is a sign of fate...

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LOVE IT!!!!!

My friend's XH was supposed to give her the washer and dryer, but he didn't. She had to go purchase new ones. Fast forward 1 year,,, her XH went to work and the washing machine hose broke free of the wall and it FLOODED THE WHOLE HOUSE!

I'm sorry, but things like the toilet box and the water leak make me smile at the irony!!!

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LOVE IT!! Oh the irony!! Thank you for sharing!!

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love it.

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There are signs everywhere !!!!!

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Heh heh! Put his shit in the shitter!!

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Phoenix, make sure to pack that extra big toilet box with his books, if he is picking this stuff up himself. Might give him a hernia.

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Nice! Return his crap after his crappy behavior in a crap-disposal box. Hee hee!

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Bahahahahaha! Too funny!

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