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User Topic: Your mojo worked! I got a great place in Miami!
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Exclaimation  Posted: 8:48 PM, May 12th (Sunday)

After working witha realtor, trolling Craigslist, and driving around town pounding pavement, I not only found a place that would take my giant dog, it's a GREAT place!! I'm so excited. It's in a fantastic area - walkable, cool places, close to work, large enough for all of my stuff easily (not crammed in), cute art deco, great female landlord (I like that my landlord is not some creepy guy - which was a possibility). I can't believe it. During the trip it really looked like I was going to have to take a place that I could 'tolerate' for a year while looking for a new place. So did my (future) colleagues. I'm actually *excited* about my new place!! Now, I can just panic about my new job!

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That's awesome!!! Congrats!

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that is such great news

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Great news!

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Congratulations from 200 miles up the coast. Hint hint.

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I am so happy for you!!! I knew it would work out.

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That is fantastic! I love Art Deco.

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