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Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. This year is much better than last year’s anniversary – the first since DDay. There have been a lot of positive changes for both of us. I can say it is getting better. It has been hard work for both of us. Taking a look at our insecurities, owning up to them and not expecting the other spouse to solve our insecurities. Changing life long behaviors and family issues we both brought to the marriage does not happen in a month. It has taken this long since DDay in August 2011 to get to some sort of peace.

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Congratulations!!! Seriously all those things you mentioned are what is going to make it soooo much better than it was before. I am still fresh and at the begining of the work but it is totally paying off. Happy Anniversary!!! Life isn't about the destination. Its about the journey. Keep pushing yourself and keep digging deep. You will have a deeper more meaningful marriage than most.

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