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Default  Posted: 1:40 PM, May 16th (Thursday)

Not sure how much this means to anyone but myself but I will post anyway. Today I sold another item on eBay. This is the second item sold in the last few weeks that remind me either of my affair or the person I became. Today it was a pen that I carried around with me. I guess you could say it was a status symbol for me. Everyone at work knew about it as it was prominently displayed on my shirt each day. Prior to this I unloaded my iPad. It was on this iPad that my BS discovered my affair and I have been unable to use it since then. Yes, WS' can also trigger. Just before that I sold my car - also a status symbol. Today I drive an 8 year old truck (which I love), use my iPhone if I need to get to the internet or do something for work, and use a mechanical pencil which I seem to have grown an unusual attachment too. I miss none of these. I like being able to just be myself.

My own t/j: This weekend I am hoping to plant some flowers at our home. Turns out I really like doing this and I like pretty flowers. Again, I like being myself and not worrying about what others think. I wish I didn't take a path of destruction to get here.

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I don't normally post in WS but I had to after reading this!

Good for you for doing this.

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Good for you, for taking something that made you feel horrible and getting rid of it! And best of luck with the flowers. I love them, but cannot grow them. I have the black thumb-o-death for plants. May they give both of you much enjoyment.

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Default  Posted: 7:04 PM, May 16th (Thursday)

I like being able to just be myself.

Love love love this. It's amazing how shedding these material things can make us so much lighter, physically and in our hearts. It's a great way to eliminate triggers too.

Awesome work.

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No stop sign, so I hope it is ok if I post.

It's amazing how shedding these material things can make us so much lighter, physically and in our hearts.

I think we live in a very superficial , material culture (just take a look at some of the movies that are recently out).
We , on this site, are all looking at deeper things.
I think we are all, WSs & BSs alike, starting to see what's important in life. Love, family, trust.
I tend to be very sentimental & it is difficult for me to throw out one of my kid's drawing from kindergarten(& there are many of them, believe me)---I 've been this way my whole life.
After Dday, it was so strange. I found I was throwing out everything. I just wanted a clean start. A new life. An uncluttered life.
So that is one thing that has changed.
The trauma of our bond being broken, & WH & I trying to forge a new stronger one, has made us both realize what is important in life, & it is not material possessions. It is love. Time spent together.

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