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My stbxww and I engaged a family divorce counselor to meet with our kids to better understand their concerns and desirs post divorce.

Afterwards I talked to DS who said "I should live with you and visit mom on weekends. DD should live with mom"

In the spirit of openness and information sharing to settle in on parental roles post D, I later shared this comment with stbxww.

The next day I am hanging out with DS and he menitons mom trying to persuade him and that stbxww said "why do we have to break up or family". Reality bites!


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stbxww said "why do we have to break up or family".

Um...because actions (and lack of actions to repair said actions)have consequences.

Her putting your DS in the middle is beyond wrong. She should know this.

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Clearly she is an idiot... As if the cheating didn't already.

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Although your STBXWW's comment is ridiculous, and shows how stupid she is, I'd also be concerned if your counselor actually suggested that to the kids. No way would I have agreed to one kid staying with me and the other going with him! How is splitting up the kids so they don't have each other going to help?

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