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My WH has been able to see our granddaughter because he is staying in our house for now but I think he realizes that his contact will be limited after the dissolution/divorce.

Our daughter is pretty angry with him and probably won't schedule any visits.

So he's been taking lots of pictures and when i asked him what he was going to do with them, he started to cry.

He just doesn't seem to accept that he has an addiction that is costing him the things that he loves. i hurt for him. i hurt for me. i hurt for my granddaughter and daughter.

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Crocodile tears. That's all those are. Reaping what you sow. Remember that.

Be sad for your GD and DD b/c this is sad that they are collateral damage. Be sad for losing your M and having your dreams dashed, for that is something to be sad about.

But waste no sadness or even pity for crocodile tears. If he were really remorseful, you'd be getting a lot more than just tears. Tears of self-pity. Ugh. How unattractive and just wrong.


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Crocodile tears. That's all those are. Reaping what you sow. Remember that.

He is sad that things are changing. Oblivious to the damage he has done to everyone else. Probably also kind of astonished at how badly he has fucked himself.

It will be all your fault soon enough. Trust me honey.

I can have a giggle now at the ridiculous soapie-worthy performances the sad clown put on but I well remember the pangs of pain when I thought he was in pain.

I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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I was suckered in time & again by my STBX's tears & sobs. I didn't think anyone could cry like that if it wasn't genuine because *I* wouldn't cry like that if it wasn't genuine.

I realize now those were crocodile tears. Maybe he was feeling something at the time, but it wasn't genuine human emotion or honest assessment of how he'd screwed up. I suggest to you that your WH is also showing you crocodile tears in a blatant attempt to manipulate you.

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I suggest to you that your WH is also showing you crocodile tears in a blatant attempt to manipulate you.

^^^^ This. Lack of positive action = no remorse.

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@vulcanizedd - you are so right. When i ask him why, all he can say is he didn't think I would find out so he didn't think it would hurt anything. That means he.has no remorse for his actions at all, only the consequences as they affect him..

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Yep. When my STBX got busted down a rank for his first affair, back in 2005,he came home crying, said (I still remember his exact words to this day), "I fucked up bad." I had known about the A (but couldn't prove it) for a year by then, so I wasn't at all surprised. I was just relieved to finally have it out in the open, and see that he looked honestly sorry. Yeah, my mistake. A couple weeks later he was back to treating me like shit, and I asked him why he'd even cried that day. I said, "Were you crying about possibly losing me, or were you crying about getting in trouble at work?" He said, "Getting in trouble at work." The saddest thing is that I was so messed up that I stayed with him anyway. :(

Don't fall for those tears. They mean nothing.

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