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Default  Posted: 1:03 PM, May 23rd (Thursday)

Thank goodness that one is over!

Ex-spouse did not show up. Judge gave me relief on all that I asked for. Yea!

Now I can get my two youngest into professional counseling and my 16 year old daughter now has to come to me 50/50 starting tomorrow. I cannot wait to see her - it's been nearly 7 weeks.

Also ex-spouse has to undergo a court ordered finger nail/urine test to ascertain if he has broken court orders by drinking!!

Thanks for all your support and prayers everyone.

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Glad to hear it, and glad that it's over with!

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Thank you for the update!! and congratulations on getting the relief from judge and I hope you have some healing time with DD16.

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That's wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So glad this is behind you and she is coming home.



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Wonderful update!!

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Great news

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