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User Topic: my wh is a moron.......just a vent
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Default  Posted: 7:21 AM, May 24th (Friday)

Yesterday as I was folding laundry I was talking to WH about my day. I told him about the ladies I met in story time with our 3 yo as we are new to the area I mentioned that my which works at a certain grocery store. In my feeling him this I said that one of the women made a comment about all the new management at the store and I said my husband was one of the new managers. He went on to ask me if I said he was the cute one? I went off...why the hell would I tell WOMEN that I just met that u you're the cute one??? He didn't understand why this upset me.......said he was just joking......I came back with no I didn't tell them you were the cute one I told them that you're the lying sorry cheating loser!!! dumbass.......I know I shouldn't but sometimes I feel like I need to slap the stupid out of him.....

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Default  Posted: 7:31 AM, May 24th (Friday)

Wow, did he need an ego boost or what?!?!?!?!

You keep slapping the stupid out of him girl! Way to stick up for yourself

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Default  Posted: 12:29 PM, May 24th (Friday)

Unreal! Good for you on handing him his ass.

He probably does look cute in his tinfoil hat and a boot print on his ass!

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What a jerk. They are all morons IMO

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no I didn't tell them you were the cute one I told them that you're the lying sorry cheating loser!!!

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good for you!

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