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Did you even ask? Does it really even matter? Were they drunk? Was it planned? I don't know which is worse...I guess it all is.
I mean the diseases they could have given us...It boggels my mind!

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Not usually. He had some form of unprotected with all of them.

I feel very thankful that I tested negative for everything

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I understand. I worried about the same thing. It is mind boggling. I was a single mom to a small child when he met me. He put me at was just super selfish behavior.

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No, mine never used any. I've been tested. I have no idea how I came back ok. My IC can't believe it. He has a friend that had 3 affairs in 10yrs and gave his BW an STD each time. How in the hell I made it out ok without an STD while my partner was having so much unprotected sex with so many needle using junky bar hopping whores.....NO IDEA! I'm one lucky woman.

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I did ask but since I couldn't believe anything he said, his answer didn't matter. I went and got tested for everything. No protection just adds a whole other level of yuck to this already disgusting situation.

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No, they never used protection. WXH "doesn't like condoms".

He claimed OW couldn't have given him any diseases because she had only ever had sex with one other person before him (she was only 18).

The stupidity knows no bounds. I made him get tested for everything and show me the results, ON PAPER. Later, I made sure I got tested for everything, too. I was pregnant at the time of the A and I would have probably had to kill him if he had passed ANYTHING on to my baby.

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My fWW still claims they always used protection. The STD she gave me indicates otherwise.

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Yeah, if he gave me anything i don't think i could reconcile after that. Our unborn child would be dealing with the consequences of his actions

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Nope, not once did they use protection.
I don't think it EVER occurred to either of those two boneheads that they could possibly transmit an STD. I remember when I told the ex I was going to get tested for STDs, he looked at me like "now why would you go and do that?"

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I absolutely did ask because the potential for STD's and just in case my WW got pregnant.
Even if they did use protection I would still get tested for STD's because you just can't trust that your wayward is telling you the truth. Not to mention the lack of judgement and rationalization when it comes to A's is very very risky.

As an example, I asked my WW if she and OM used protection during the multiple rendezvous' they had. She said no because he had a vasectomy and he got tested a few years before and it was negative. She was OK with that even after finding out her OM had been cheating on my WW with another OW. The thrill is more important to them at the time then the consequences. Protect yourself.

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Mine has a vasectomy, so he didn't see the problem, as he couldn't cause us any problems by getting an OW pregnant, and they weren't girls I knew, I wouldn't find out, so I wouldn't be hurt.

He NEVER considered he could've taken my life with his actions. To this day, the realization of that is something he can't really deal with. When he goes deep into his depression of the man he's been, that's definitely a factor.

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Nope no protection. And the worst part about it was we had been using condoms for months and they were in a drawer about 30 feet away from them.

Why ruin a fantasy with reality?

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My WW told me initially that they used protection. Then later she let it slip that she and the OM had "broken up" because he didn't want her to get pregnant. I said, "I thought you used condoms" and she said, "Not every time". That was some trickle truth that sent me over the edge. It was like DDay again. It was bad enough that another guy got to have sex with my wife, but he also got to have unprotected sex with her... it just gets worse and worse.

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Nope. That's how my wife got pregnant by him. Luckily no STD's were transmitted, especially since she knew he was cheating on his wife with other women.

My wife is normally a very intelligent woman, so this still boggles my mind.

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How many waywards use protection? I really think that number has to be close to zero. Mine knew he was going to meet his AP at an empty apartment at night, he had every intention of sex, yet no thought of condoms. His AP's words of comfort to him, "you don't have to worry about getting me pregnant, I had my tubes tied."

My WH's justification for not being worried about passing an STD on to me is that they only had oral sex.

The selfishness is beyond comprehension.

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Never. She was on the pill and had only ever had sex with one other person (OW and her ex-fiancée were virgins when they met).

So, this 31 year old chaste, inexperienced woman is desperate to have sex with her married coworker and strips naked without ever going on a date or even making out first?

WH is absolutely sure that she couldn't possibly be lying about her sexual history

I have the doctor's appointment scheduled. It really bothers me that WH thinks it's uneccesary.

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Who uses protection for blowjobs!..????

..she didn't...ever!


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Doesn't matter. There is no such thing as safe sex outside of a monogamous relationship. My wife was adamant that they used protection every single time. I asked her if he had a condom on his dick when she sucked and she said no. So I told her to Google image search on oral STD's and look at the pictures. Besides, condoms apparently don't prevent the transmission of MRSA, which is what I got out of my wife's A. What kills me is she still would have been fucking him even though he gave her that nasty shit if I hadn't caught their affair. I always swore I'd give my right nut for her, but I always kinda meant that figuratively. I almost literally did.

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Of course not!! After all, they were certain that their spouses weren't cheating so they were 1000% positive that there was no risk.

Never mind the fact that both of them had screwed other online cheats. I guess that part didn't count.

The rationalizations are simply mind-boggling.

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They never used protection.
She'd had her tubes tied for medical reasons and he was maaried and wasn't screwing anyone else.

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So many waywards on here didn't use protection, it really drives the point home that the A was in a complete fantasy world for them

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He never brought protection, but if the OW happened to have one and SHE slipped it on, then he would use it. Never mind the fact that mutual oral was the MO for him, so while the OW's were protected from his germs, he was not protected from theirs at all. This would probably by why he gave me Herpes and didn't even think anything about it.

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Oh Hell no..of course not. Because giving a stranger from CL a BJ(to completion) is perfectly safe..didn't you know that?? Oh..and so what if he came home and kissed me with that mouth..and had sex with me for HOURS(as per our usual Saturday night routine)the very next night.

It's need to freak out..jeeessshhhh..

(Please not that this entire post is dripping in sarcasm)

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No he didn't. Cause he has a vasectomy and that makes it safe! Barf! She was a MOW what was the risk right? Boy was he suprised when I told him about the other dude she was sleeping with at the same time...not her BH either. As for either. Quickies is what they had..dropped her panties and bent on over...she soeant sound like a risk does she?

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They started out using condoms, but I have no idea how long that lasted--not long, I'm sure. He could just tell that she was ok. Sigh.

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2 women - what protection could they possibly need?

W tested positive for HPV in her last 2 annual tests. We were monogamous for 44 years before the A. HPV has in fact put a damper on our activity....

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My fWW still claims they always used protection. The STD she gave me indicates otherwise.

My WW claimed protection at first, then admitted to one incident without protection, then finally admitted a couple of weeks ago that unprotected sex was the norm.

Illicit affairs and good sense do not go hand-in-hand. It's the ultimate in selfish behavior. The truth is, I didn't matter when she was in that mode.

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Why ruin a fantasy with reality?

This pretty much sums it up.

MrKOKO told me that they used protection in the beginning. He said that they used the ones provided in the hotel the first time when "it just happened." He swears that they always used protection while he was still with me before our separation. They stopped using it only after we separated. I still don't totally believe that.

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No and Yes. My WH said he used condoms ( the wonderful Japanese type that feel like nothing and where he took me to the sex shop where he bought them, no regular condoms for him, nope). Just ranting. But no didn't use for oral sex and they were prostitutes. Had him get tested for everything.

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No. His OW wasn't "that kind of woman"

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Nope. And it didn't cross his mind about pregnancy and disease until after. Brilliant!!

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No...wh doesn't like condoms. The other bs told me well my wife said they started out using condoms I told him that I was 100% sure that was crap and when I asked wh about it he confirmed that no condoms were ever used.

My favorite quote from wh still to this day came when I pointed out that there is a good chance mow was sleeping with om 2 at the same time as wh...his response was a completely serious "she wouldn't do that to me! She promised to tell me if they started sleeping together." WHAT??! Why don't you ask her husband what she's capable of doing...she promised him in her wedding vows she wouldn't sleep with anyone else EVER how'd that work out for her bs??? Dumb @ss

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Yes, I did ask; they did not use protection , nor were they drunk and it was planned....every time.

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I asked. Nope he didn't- and he was SOBER. And yup, he brought me an STI.

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Concerned  Posted: 2:05 PM, May 24th (Friday)

He said they used protection every time they had intercourse. Not during oral.
I don't believe that statement at all. I got tested 2 weeks after I found out. I made him get tested also.

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No. His OW wasn't "that kind of woman

Ya... why would you need condoms when you were sleeping with your "fiance"

I had a full screening, and apparently so did she not long ago, so at least that didn't happen.

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Nope. I was terrified after my STD tests until I heard the results. He met the AP on Ashley Madison, so that speaks to her character (and his). I was very, very lucky. As it was, I had yeast infections while he was having sex with both of us, and I was convinced that I had Type II diabetes or something equally bad that had compromised my immune system. The last thing that I would have considered was that my spouse of 13 years was sleeping with another woman and, on top of that, not using a condom.

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I asked him twice. The first time he told me that he always did...the second time he told me that they didn't the first time, it wasn't planned.

He used them for birth control mostly because he did not want to get her pregnant. I had also found he had been searching "vasecotmy" on the internet towards the end of the A. He would have only needed it for her since I had a partial hysterectomy about 10 years ago!

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Literally the FIRST question I asked when he admitted to a physical affair was "Did you use a condom?"

The answer.."No." But he did say that her tubes were tied. Yeah...a baby is the only possible consequence of unprotected sex. Idiot.

But my *special* fella has also said that condoms are "for other people" and that he won't ever use them because they aren't for him.

I'm just happy that when he catches something that makes him feel like he's peeing acid (or much worse), it will have absolutely no significance in my life!

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Does it really even matter?

Yeah, it matters, for logistics. We are almost 6 years out, and FWH is still paying for his decision to not use condoms (OW told me "I don't like the way they feel inside my body!", I have never wanted to vomit so badly).

FWH now has an OC he never sees for his decision NOT to use protection, so yes, I would say it matters a lot.

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Well my WH's cheating was BJ's x 2 from a stripper/hooker the 1st time & next time a flat-out streetwalker:-(. He claims he never thought about protection because pregnancy wasn't a concern & oral sex was "safe". He was tipsy the first time & stone-cold sober for round two, his wayward incidents were YEARS apart and he confessed to both of them on Dday. When I insisted we both go for full panel STD testing, he thought it was unnecessary.Thankfully, our tests were normal & we are both in IC/MC and giving R our best shot:) Oral sex with WH is very much a work in progress, sorry if TMI, but need to re-claim that part of our intimate lives if we are ever going to be fully and totally R'd. Jamie

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He did and it broke, then he went crying to his mother about it because he was afraid he got OW pregnant.

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Dumbass says he always used condoms for sex but never for oral. He swears that he made sure the whores he fucked were clean I told him that condoms are not 100% effective to prevent STDS and he looked at me like I was nuts. Dumbass

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No, and she had a baby between the times that they weren't seeing each other.

I question if it's his kid.

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She claimed they did. When I got tested positive for HPV she remembered the condom broke...on a few occasions

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He took our condoms to use with ow2 but lied to me initially and said she supplied the condoms. Which made me freak out because she was trying to get pregnant. So he tortured me with the whole condom thing for a couple of weeks before finding out he only used them once. Then I found out there was an OW1. She had a birth control implant so he felt totally safe without protection. Never mind the fact that her nickname at work is "cum dumpster".


And I was pregnant when he had sex with ow2 and he kept right on having sex with me and exposing our son to god only knows what.

Now I want to punch something. Wtf?? Ugh...

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The first few times he said they did then she wanted to not use condoms so he told her he needed her to get an std test. So she did! They didn't use them after she came all clear. But he actually trusted that this drunken whore wasn't screwing anyone else but she said she would tell him if she did Also the last hook up they did because her H was him from deployment. I made him get tested, and I did as well because I was pregnant during the entire A

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No.Never. Not once. "She's not like that", is what he said at the time.

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Nope, no protection. He had a vasectomy 3 years ago so he knew he couldn't get her pregnant. He also figured a women with 4 children (one was only 4 months old stuff the time of the affair)

They weren't drunk, and it was planned well in advance.

Makes me ill to think about it.

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Who uses protection for blowjobs!..????

..she didn't...ever!

My fWW claims she did. Not sure if I really believe her though.

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The first couple of times then no. He took her to the health department and she got tested. Ya, that really matters since she was arrested for prostitution.

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The first time WH and MOW were drunk, used nothing and he came in her. He did not even know her last name.

From that first romp, he brought me home an infection (fever, abdominal pain, weird discharge) which he prescribed (he's an MD) the treatment for trich for, but proceeded to tell me it was yeast.

Did he get himself checked? Nope. Did he tell me he cheated? Nope.
He risked my life for 8 months.

He continued to have unprotected sex and oral sex with her, because she SAID she was clean. She had gotten checked the LAST time she cheated on her husband.

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He said he did. But who really knows?

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Nope, that would have meant he thought with his head that's attached to his shoulders.

He told me he "didn't think about it because they told him they never did this kind of thing before".

Funny thing is he told the same lie to the OW.

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4 STDs (first one when I was pregnant); one, maybe, two children with OW#? He never gave anything a second thought and when I confronted him last year with the latest STD, he lied and said that it was from 'athlete's foot'...

I've simply no idea what he keeps in his head. For someone who's so informed in every other sphere and very successful...? I just don't know anymore.

WS had two LTAs of 10 years and 12 years; further 8/9 affairs; EAs, 2 OC. Looks horrific but he is fully immersed in trying to find the 'broken.' It's on-going and painful. If there's a blue sky and sunshine, then it's a good day.

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Wow. I can't believe so many responses are the same. Guess we didn't cross their minds much...

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Nope, we never crossed their selfish minds. My wife even admitted that.

She claims she used condoms for the sex twice, but the numerous blow-jobs she gave we unprotected.

That tells me it wasn't about STD's, and more about her concern for pregnancy.

Truly a selfish bunch that we deal with.

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I had two STD's over the last ten years. When I confronted him he looked at me and said "you didn't get that from me". I thought it must have been something as a result of his chronic prostatitis. We have talked about it again since d-day & he still didn't believe that I got it from him because he always used a condom. The hookers he saw wouldn't go bare back.

Stupidness abounds!

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Imagine a married man, after discovering HIS WIFE was having sex with another man, having to ask HIS WIFE if THEY were using condoms. It is so twisted and still difficult to get ones mind wrapped around.

She immediately said, "Yes, we did."

It was a lie. Nothing whatsoever was used. Ever. That would introduce reality into a selfish delusion that required the absence of reality in order to exist.

She started her delusion when our youngest son was three months old. She had her tubes tied after the delivery. I have no doubt whatsoever she would have become pregnant by the affair guy had she not been neutered. Any and all sex was performed - she had to do everything because it had to be the love of fucking legends, right? Not some delusional escape from deep low self-esteem, and validation issues, no. She had to make sure the fantasy was well-fed and the flattery would continue from a man in love with how weak-minded she was.

The notion that she could acquire HPV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, AIDS, crabs, etc. didn't enter her mind - at all.

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He was surprised I even asked that because" I did have a vasectomy so very."

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Not as far as I know they never did. After DDay#1 when he was underground with the A still he got a text that said she needed to talk to him about something. My first response was "I hope the hell she is pregnant with triplets and you spend the rest of your miserable life wiping shit off the little bastard's asses." All of our kids are grown. I sure wished God would have answered my prayers on that one!!! It would have served them both right. Sorry, BS's dealing with OC. But no, he said she had cancer (not). I got tested after DDay#2 for STD's. All negative so far.

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Nope. A normally intelligent man hooked up with at least five different women without protection. The last gem was juggling several men at once; he knew it and didn't care. He referred to her as his "plaything" not girlfriend. He continued to have unprotected sex with her after he knew he gave me HPV and that I had abnormal cells that could turn cancerous because of it. He didn't care enough about me to stop having sex with her after I took him back. That's one of the things that hurts the most.

There are STDs that can be contracted even if protection is used, herpes and HPV for example. I feel extremely fortunate that he did not bring home HIV. Most of his hookups were with random drunk desperate women at the bar's closing time who would go to a hotel with anyone. I'm quite sure he was not anyone's first hookup, including his married howorker.

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The claim is that they did, but the lies are spewing forth so much it's just white noise. So I get me tested and so far nothing.

I wonder about DD and have to learn about possibly transferring it to a child?

And they test the baby.

Perv was quite shocked when I had to bring it to his "attention", simply shocked it should even considered for his highness.

And he tried to say she was tested and it was negative, bla bla bla because that was said with what I now know, because of the clues he gives when he lies,it was "Lying Perv".

I'm sorry for everyone who has to go through this, too.

Some of my anger and anxt is how much of this drama and absolute crap we inherit not by any choice of our own. It's brought into our lives and the lives of our children through none of our own faults and is with us for many years and possible forever. Horrible.

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Of course not. Her tubes were tied after all.

The fact that she "forgot" to mention she's infested with herpes *shocked* my idiot ex.

Hope he's having fun with that.

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Xwh took OUR condoms and used them with the multiple OW. But it wasn't planned I then made him get a vasectomy so we didn't need them anymore and didn't that ruin his plans.

I still got an STI & STD check though, as he had proven more then once I couldn't believe anything out of his mouth.

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I asked and WH’s reply was

“what for?”

He’d had a vasectomy and MOW had been sterilised, so there was no risk of pregnancy (not that there was much of one anyway as they were both 45 when they started their affair). Of course they assumed the other had no STDs and that they were being “faithful” to each other (oh, apart from having sex with their spouses too, gotta keep the pretence up) – after all, they were in love and this was their perfect world, so why spoil it with condoms? Using condoms would debase their relationship and bring it down to basic sex. Which it was.

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X claims they did. But not when they had oral sex. I assume he's lying because he refused to wear condoms with me, ever. And she was pregnant at the time their physical affair started. They wouldn't have used condoms as protection against std's because in their fantasy, they were both clean. So, really, why would they have needed condoms at all?

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I see "clean" said a lot by ws/Ap...

My wh initially said mow was clean.

He also within 15min. Said:

"We used condoms every time"

"Ok maybe just the first time"

"Ok no never used them. We both decided we were clean and i lied because I knew you would be mad sunflowergirl"

They had unprotected sex with each other, their spouses had oral sex with each other and their spouses. Nice.

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Yes, my dutiful wife put one on them herself, well except the one in the alley.

Isn't it just shit when hese things pop into your head? Eurgh.

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Of course not. She was trustworthy. Met her Ashley Madison site, but she was trustworthy! Makes me sick to even think about.

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I think I'm the only one who's FWH used protection. What does that say? He was a responsible cheater?!

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Nope Solost!

Mine did too! Only because the hookers insisted on it!

BTW...I still got an STD. Any time there is contact with body fluids STD are a real possibility.

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No...because apparently women on AM are "classy"

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Nope. He says he was high, though, so he doesn't "remember all the details."

He also assures me that his hookups were other nerds (sci-fi/fantasy conventions, mostly while I was doing other stuff that didn't include drug-addled hotel sex with strangers, like board-gaming), so there's NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, THESE FOLKS ARE CLEAN, YO.

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I asked but my WH embellished the sexual part of the A so much that I never knew what to believe.. He did buy a box of condoms but only one was out of it & I found it (unused) when I was snooping in his van.

WH told me so many stories of the sex with OW but he also has severe ED so I think sex wasn't a big part of their relationship.. he told these stories to make himself look better..

Funny thing is, the sexual aspect of the A never really bothered me, it was more the things he told her about me that bugged me..

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