User Topic: The most meaningful thing my fWS says
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Default  Posted: 9:05 PM, May 25th (Saturday)

"I am sorry I brought him into our life."

That simple sentence holds so much meaning. Its a fairly new statement for her and she has been saying it a lot.

To me it says remorse. To me it says she accepts full responsibility. To me it says she is viewing life as bigger than just self.

I believe in the power of words. A statement like this would never have come out of her mouth without major perspective change. I am so proud of how hard she is working.

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It's a powerful sentence. The active verb--to bring.

I'm glad too for the growth it shows.

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That's a good's mine

Thank you for sticking by me through this.

It says that he realizes that sticking by him wasn't easy and that my commitment to him and us means a lot to him. He has said this sentence to me many times.

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that's wonderful. so much better than the blanket "i'm sorry".. which isn't bad, just doesn't have quite the impact.. i'm happy for the victories of BSs.

ughh i'm torn between desperately wanting to hear these words, and working hard to never care to.

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