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Default  Posted: 8:40 PM, June 2nd (Sunday)

My dog is 15. I lost my other 15 yr old dog 2 months ago. While walking my remaining dog with my dd, she dropped to the ground, arched her back, howled like a coyote (not like her) and pretty much passed out. I thought she had died. Her eyes closed and she got very still. After a couple min long discussion about who was to stay with her and who was going to get my ds (dog weighs too much for me to carry by myself), she lifts her head and eventually walks home like nothing is wrong

My other dog had seizures, the typical shaking, lip smacking kind. Is this a seizure too?

I plan to call the vet tomorrow, but I don't want a test because there are no treatment options at this time (she is almost crippled with arthritis at this point).

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I really have no idea. Just wanted to let you know that my animal loving heart is reaching out to you and your dog.

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(((million pieces & doggie)))

Poor doggie. Sending huge mojo, good thoughts, and hugs. Please let us know what the vet says.

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Sending good thoughts to your girl.

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