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Default  Posted: 12:56 PM, June 6th (Thursday)

I am really questioning my decision to ask for divorce. I keep questioning did I do enough, wait long enough, etc

I am struggling today. I want to call him and ask him if he wants the D and if says No then ask if what are we going to do.

Please slap some sense into me.

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Default  Posted: 3:29 PM, June 6th (Thursday)

If he wants to be in the M, he would be showing you.

If he does at some point and you still feel like accepting him, you can always stop the D or get remarried.

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Say something about why you're questioning your decision. If I don't like your answer, maybe I'll send a 2 X 4.

I'm biased toward R, but if you want to D, you've got my support. If you're not sure you want to D, I don't see anything wrong with slowing things down. If you think you may want to R, I don't see any problem exploring the possibilities.

So why exactly do you think you need more sense than you already have?

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Default  Posted: 3:43 PM, June 6th (Thursday)

If I don't like your answer, maybe I'll send a 2 X 4.

This made me laugh out loud. So thank you.

He is still seeing the OW. He took MY car to see her (see other post) and I reacted out of emotion. I was mad. When I do that I second, third, fourth guess my self.

When I called and told him I didn't really want it. He didn't say what I wanted him to say, so again emotion. I made the appointment.

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You know, sbt, sometimes we only have two shitty options.

It's may not be a matter of what you want. It may be a relatively easy decision when you honestly look at what your options are as things stand now.

Hugs because it's a really tough place to be.

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