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It's nightshadow. Had to get a whole enew account cause I'm retarded n changed my password n forgot it n don't have access to the email account my password was sent to.
Now for a long update.
My mother has been living with me since march. It's horrible. She goes after my son on a daily basis. Which leads me to find other places to stay. My son doesn't like being home nor do I my mother acts like a child when she doesn't get her way total npd.
When I left I was dating a guy. I ended things with him cause he couldn't handle my life. Super clingy. Controlling. You name it. I would go out for a girl's night n he'd show up. I had no space.
I started dating a different guy after a few weeks after I ended things. He and I had been friends since last year and finally hung out alone and there are sparks. He loves my son. He and I aren't going to have sexual relations other than kissing because we want things to work out. N the sex stuff will mess with that plus he's super religious. But things are great. We are building a good foundation. We talk about all the issues that come up. Hes a great guy. He was in some trouble on the past but doing everything he can to change it. Which I love about him.
I ran into army the other day. He's hating life. I guess wifey is his 4th child Lmao. But he's going to stick with it for the kids. I guess after they got married she quit her job too. I told him see I warned you about it. He asked me go have some drinks I declined. Since he's married and I don't think it's right, plus I think it's.disrespectful to have drinks with an ex. N bc doesn't drink.

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I''m glad you checked in. It''s funny bc just yesterday I was thinking "where''s Nightshadow?" And now here you are!

I''m sorry to hear that your mother is not the source of support nor grateful for the support you give her. It makes me wonder if there''s some sort of dementia building on her part that''s causing her to act this way.

Good news on the dating front. It sounds encouraging. And of course I grinned at hearing about Army''s misery. What a fool he is on so many levels.

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Good to hear from you eyenight. Hope things continue to be good on the dating front. Army certainly messed up and it is obvious that he knows it.

So sorry to hear about your mother. If it becomes too bad you may have to consider putting int a home for your own sanity and safety and that of your DS.

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I agree 100% about army. I do give him a.little credit. As far as relationships go. I grew as a person. It made me ready.for new guy to.come along. I am 100% comfortable in my relationship and he treats me like a queen. Something I'm not used to. I am not scared to.bring up anything with new guy at all. He and I talk about everything. He knows about my past. He knows all about sons dad the abuse etc. When I get a trigger about something we talk about it and why I triggered. He supports me in everyway he can. He and I have talked about moving in and set a date. We both feel like now is too early and we should wait until at least 9nths to a year. Being sexually active is waiting until we are in a really close bond.
As for my mom I was thinkingabout dementia. But not really sure as she is so ungrateful as in her eyes the world should fall at her feet.

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I wonder if that attitude is part of dementia. My mom was/is similar, and I know that she is slipping into dementia. She moans about the fact that she has no friends, yet does nothing to make them. She complains that no one ever calls her, yet she never initiates contact. She says she doesn't want presents, then complains bitterly about what she gets.

It's nice to see you back and in good spirits.

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She moans about the fact that she has no friends, yet does nothing to make them. She complains that no one ever calls her, yet she never initiates contact. She says she doesn't want presents, then complains bitterly about what she gets.

t/j of sorts - my mom does this now too, and she's definitely got some sort of (alcohol-induced) dementia going on.

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