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Default  Posted: 6:40 PM, June 9th (Sunday)

I didn't think I would have anything to write here in a LONG time. lol!

But I actually have some *new beginning* stuff going on! I'm moving out of the house XH and I own next week. I pretty much went from my mom's house to a college dorm to living with my XH within 1 year of graduating high school so this is my very FIRST place that is all my own! Well...I'll be living with my kids of course. lol!

And..I don't know if it's because I carry myself more like a single woman, no longer being drained of life by my ex, the infidelity diet I was on or what, but I'm starting to get attention from the opposite sex again and also starting to see just how many attractive guys there are out there who are also attracted to me. I'm not ready to seriously date at all but I'm open to hanging out and getting to know new people.

I've spent pretty much my ENTIRE adult life as a wife so casual dating is totally foreign to me. The last time I was single was 10 years ago when I was 18, fresh out of high school, most cell phones were just phones and the internet was a very small and insignificant part of most people's social lives lol!

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Default  Posted: 8:10 PM, June 9th (Sunday)

Welcome to NBs!

Take your time to learn more about who you are as a grown up woman while you are single. It really builds confidence and makes it way easier to attract the kind of guy that appreciates the real you.

I wish you all the best!!!

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confidence is a beautiful thing! Welcome to NB.

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