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Default  Posted: 7:42 PM, June 9th (Sunday)

I go to church/Sunday school with a lovely woman named Cynthia. I saw her yesterday while volunteering in our church thrift store. she worked in the store for hours for money for a mission trip she was taking to Africa at the end of the month. Since I was volunteering just for the heck of it, I gave her my hours, as did another friend. I made a few purchases after my shift was over, she was apologizing over how slow she was entering the numbers. I told her I wasn't in a hurry, and as she entered my numbers, she began singing a few words from a hymn, making me smile.

Last night, two members of our singles sunday school class had a party for their marriage (eloped that morning). During the party, Cynthia had an aneurysm and collapsed. She is now on life support. Everyone was stunned.

Today after church, a group of us went out to lunch, and my friend Jay was getting us an update from the hospital, when a gentleman stopped us on the way to our table and said they couldn't help but overhear, but he was Cynthia's brother. What are the odds, in that restaurant, that this would happen, out of all the restaurants in the city? He didn't know anymore than we knew. Family was driving/flying in from all over. A member of our class quickly paid for the brother and his wife's meal. He came thank us and asked us to keep praying.

My friend Jay, who served on a class leadership meeting with Cynthia, was taking it the hardest. He told me "She didn't want to come last night. I was the one who pushed her to come. Maybe she really needed the rest." He is carrying this guilt. I told him that if she hadn't been out with all her friends, she would have likely died in her house, and a member of her family would have had to find her body. I told him that by encouraging her to be out with her friends who loved her, she was able to go to the hospital and be on life support until her family could come and see her, and I told him he gave the family a loving gift.

If you are the praying type, please pray for Cynthia, her son Isaac who teaches our sunday school class and is a minister, her brother Leroy and all the rest of her family, and my sweet friend Jay who always carries everyone else's burdens. Today was a hard day.

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(((((Cynthia, family, and friends)))))

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My mother and only sister both died of an aneurysm as did a good friend of mine. I also know four people who have survived one.

Praying for (((Cynthia, family, and friends))).

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Just said a prayer for your friend. Prayers for a miracle and peace for all.

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Just said a prayer - hoping for the best

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Prayers Sent...

Your message brought tears to my eyes... you can read how much she is loved and admired in your words.

I pray for the best for her and her family.

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Praying for Cynthia and her family and friends.

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Update: They said she responded to painful stimuli by moving her arm once. This has only happened once, last night. We have no update since then. We are providing meals etc for her family. Otherwise, there is not a lot we an do.

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Saying prayers.

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Tonight's update as of a few minutes ago. No change whatsoever.

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Hugs, thinking of you, and Cynthia.

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Unchanged today. They are going to have to make some hard decisions soon.

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Willowiris any news on your friend Cynthia?

Prayers sent to all.

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I''m so very sorry my Grandmother died from an aneurism. It''s such a sneaky and shocking condition. I hope that Cynthia and her family are OK.

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