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Stop  Posted: 10:19 AM, June 10th (Monday)

I have searched the Healing Library and cannot find anything on the whole "180" concept that all the BS put themselves through.
What is this?
Does it mean not talking anymore about the A?

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Default  Posted: 10:22 AM, June 10th (Monday)

The 180 is in the Healing Library listed under the BS FAQ's link...#11.

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Default  Posted: 10:34 AM, June 10th (Monday)

Thanks for the instructions, Deeply Scared.

Now my concern is that this is what he is doing without telling me anything.

I am actively working on our R and he hasn't expressed a need to talk at all- even though I know he wants to.

I feel like perhaps the 180 article was taken out of context of the book somehow because it does not make sense to me to implement this when we were trying to talk and work things out.

Why now?

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Default  Posted: 11:16 PM, September 2nd (Monday)

I'm also confused. I want to be supportive as my BS is going to go through this process. Is there anything I, as the WS, should do to be supportive?

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