User Topic: Do you think OW would have for pregnant given the chance?
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Thankfully FWH has had a vasectomy and OW said she really hated kids! (That would have been fun for our kids if they'd ended up together - NOT!) so an OC was never a risk in their A but, knowing the sort of person she is, I can't help but think that if FWH had been fertile she would have taken a chance and tried to get pregnant just to get him to leave the M and go to her.

As far as all the crap goes with this I know that an OC would have resulted in me not trying or wanting to R at all as I couldn't reconcile knowing they'd produced a little person between them.

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They were TRYING! And she was trying with her BH too, but had convinced my WH that she and her WH didn't sleep together or have sex anymore...

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fWH and I have been having fertility problems due to age since 2010. I''ve been concerned with the possibility of an OC since DDay. I won''t feel completely safe that the threat of an OC has passed until after the end of June 2013.

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My FWH's second AP (his 2+ year LTA) would have in a heartbeat. She told him she wanted to have his child. He'd had a vasectomy thankfully. But oh yes, she would have.

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My H's OW #1 has 7 children already and told my H that she was prego (twins). I don't believe she was for several reasons, but I do believe that she was using that to get him to leave me for her (her words 'I just want you to love me and our babies as much as you love her and your baby'). The main OW, yes. She has desperately wanted another child for years. Idk if she would have tried to get my H to leave (that wasn't her game as far as I can tell), but just because she wants another kid.

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Their affair began in April 2004, in July 2009 the OW thought she was pregnant and told my WH. He said it's not mine as he had a vasectomy. He never told her this little bit of info. She asked him if it was possible if he would have a reversal as she would really like to have his child whether they stayed together or not.

OW are definitely broken people.

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Definitely. She pulled that crap on an ex. If my WH had slept with her, I'm certain she would have been, "pregnant".

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Absolutely. At this point, I believe she would have done anything she could think of to reel him in, including drugging and kidnapping. Luckily, she did not think of that.

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My OW made her H have a vasectomy, then fell pregnant on an ONS with my H, because she was so drunk, her pill was ineffective. (why go on the pill if H has had a vasectomy unless you are cruising for someone else?).

My H was unable to have Cs in his first marriage because of infertility problems. How come he fathers OC on an ONS?

OW and OWH then regret he had a vasectomy and decide to go ahead with pregnancy, but still want my H to stay in touch with OC. WTF?? OWH used to drive OW and my FWH out to drinking sessions together.

It's almost as is OWH pimped out his wife to get her pregnant after she emasculated him.

There is now NC with OW and I'm working on NC with the OC.

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Pudding, the only way alcohol affects oral contraceptives is if the user got drunk and forgot to take them. I guess you FWH is one of the 1%. DNA test? Sounds suspicious to me.

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In a heartbeat!! She would have done anything to trap him. Anything

Pudding, I don't believe your OW's story for a nano second. I'd demand a DNA. Her H could have had the procedure reversed, it sometimes works.

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Wh had a vasectomy when our 2nd daughter was around 2. He was in his early 20's. so he couldn't get mow preggers. Mow at the time was 45 and complaining about having had her last baby for her 2nd husband. She didnt really want another child but her 2nd h had never been married or had kids. At the time her daughter was 6 i think. Mow had 2 kids from her first marriage one kid in her early 20's and the other in his late teens. The last thing I think mow was looking for was to get knocked Shes gonna be 50 in a year or two.

In a fit of anger I once told wh that it was a good thing that he couldn't get mow pregnant. They would have had one ugly kid. For mow in my situation, that ship had sailed long ago.

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I have no doubt that she would. I mean...she started going after WH one month after our youngest was born. What is really sick is that she was the betrayed fiance about 2 years earlier. She had bought a house and a car that was more kid friendly. Then her fiancé cheated on her (I wouldnt put it past her that she was probably cheating on him). They broke up. She was all about getting married and having kids when we was with this fiancé. Yeah....because a man who cheats on his wife, had 3 kids, one who was just born, would make a totally awesome father.....riiiiiigghhhhhhtttttt

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When our 4th child was born, my WH decided he didn't want any more kids in his life EVER. He insisted I get a tubal at the time of my c-section because he didn't think he should have to undergo surgery since I already was. I didn't want a tubal as I wasn't sure I wouldn't want more children. He said he would divorce me if I didn't, because it would mean I was thinking of leaving him.

MOW in our case has no children because she hates them and in her own words wants to concentrate only on herself.

She is also pushing 50 but that didn't stop her from having pregnancy "scares" every time they met up.

Sadly, based on their skype chats, my husband was HOPING she would get pregnant. When she got upset at the idea of having to raise a kid, he offered to go get a vasectomy for her.

Since Dday I have asked him to go get a vasectomy. He refuses.

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No I don't think so. Ws had a vasectomy but even though she has a couple kids, she's not very maternal. I think she can't wait til she doesn't have to be responsible for her own.
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FWH married his girlfriend in high school when she got pregnant, because it was the "right thing to do" (22 years later they hate one one another, and they both wish that they would have tried to co-parent instead of marrying).

When OW told FWH she was pregnant, we were already in R and NC was established. She had no means to contact him, so she showed up at our work, waving the ultrasound like a victory flag.

When he told her he STILL didn't want to be with her, she was like "What?! You're NOT leaving Want2help?? You'd let me be a single mother?!" Uhm, yeah, dumb ass.

She called me on the phone that night to rub it in, and told me "I thought for sure he'd leave you and marry me if I got pregnant!!" (Sorry to rain on your parade).

Also, OW is not "maternal". She's selfish. For some people, that's enough.

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OW claimed to be pregnant, but had to terminate because it was a "tubal pregnancy"

Yeah right, you can be 12 weeks pregnant in the tube and not have any major pain from it.

Nothing but an attempt to trap WH, WH told her he didnt want any more kids and when she went for the "procedure" she didnt want him there

All lies

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FWH was holding to NC so OW posted on Facebook alluding that she was pregnant, just so he'd call. He stayed strong so we just waited 6 months to see it was't true. I think it really scared him and made him see just how serious their game was. She was playing or keeps.

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Two weeks after my WH confessed to A#1 and broke off the affair, OW1 told my WH (they worked in the same office - only 6 people in the office) that she was pregnant. She had an on/off boyfriend that she claimed she hadn't been with since she and my WH started the A.

So my WH finagled a way to go to her first OB appointment with her...and I called the doctor, pretended to be her, and requested an ultrasound "because it was a surprise, and I wanted to make sure everything was ok."

They get there, and it turned out that OW1 was two weeks TOO FAR ALONG to be my WHs kid. (She was 9 weeks pregnant - and we all know how accurate those early ultrasounds are). For a few months after, she tried claiming that the doctor was wrong; that the dates were wrong; that the baby was my H's...Her on/off boyfriend made sure to get a DNA test and yes, he was the daddy.

I heard later on that her BF fought - and got - full custody.

As for OW2 in the second A...she and WH were just f*** buddies looking for thrills outside their marriages, so no, I don't think she wanted to get pregnant.

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OW was my exfiance's ex. She deliberately got pregnant. She thought it would make him come back and marry her.

he went back, but he broke it off and left later and came back to me.

we are apart now because he appears to be NPD. He is asking o reconcile, but only on the condition we agree he was a POS and hurt me badly, but that is all in the past now and we will not talk about it and we will now work to be very happy.

I think he is full of sh*t

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Mine did. She only knew my WxSO for 4 months at the time...don't think she knew what she was getting herself into.

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Oh, for sure.

Not only did chickie want children,she wanted children the same way wh and I had them!

Adopted, bio, foster, blah, blah, blah .....

They even discussed the hows, whys, length of wait, etc.


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Absolutely! She wanted to get pregnant. It is amazing that she didn't because they were also part of the club that used no protection.

TicK had a very young child already. She kept telling MrKOKO what a great father he was. Was he now?!?! So great that he ditched his kid to be with his TicK on Father's Day, on NYE, and on Easter. That's a great dad for ya!

TicK saw MrKOKO as her next meal ticket. She kept telling him that she wanted to start a "new family" with him.

And I also agree that I probably could not have R with him had an OC been part of the story. I feared for DS that MrKOKO would have another child.

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Thank god my h ow got her tubes least that's a blessing in disguise.

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Not sure. WH's PA started when our DD was 14 or 15 months old. Fortunately, he'd had a vasectomy when she was 4 months old. WH has no desire to have any more children, and MOW has two preteens with her stbx BH. MOW is also 44, so I'm not sure that her chances would be that good regardless of the vasectomy.

I cannot imagine the horror of a pregnant OW.

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No. His AP is in medical school. Getting pregnant right now would fuck up everything she has going. Thankfully she isn't that stupid.

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Yup. That has been her M.O. for every relationship she has had. 5 babies...4 fathers. If she had a uterus I would be in prison.

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I think OW#1 would have wanted to get pregnant. STBX actually told me that the only reason it didn't turn into a PA was because he didn't want to risk her getting pregnant. Gee, thanks In a way I wish she had been pregnant, he would have been horrified and devastated and I would have laughed in his face.

During false R, he got a vasectomy. He was by then in regular contact with OW2 so it was all for her, not me.

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However OW has had her tubes done so I have been told anyway.

But I made xwh have a vasectomy after I busted after the previous affair. My reasoning was you want f**k around on me is one thing, but our children shouldn't have to share their father with another family. Luckily he was still in guilt mode when he did this.

Now in hindsight this was probably a stupid idea on my part because at least he was stealing our condoms for protection. After the V we no longer needed them, however this didn't protect me from any potential diseases.

Luckily he didn't bring anything home to me. But one doesn't think of these things when you are married you are supposed to be able to trust your spouse.

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If she had a uterus I would be in prison.

It's scary how mashed up some of these ow are!!

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