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User Topic: How much more can one person take???
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Default  Posted: 9:22 PM, June 11th (Tuesday)

My past story is first hurricane sandy took my house, them found out my WH cheated with a hooker for BJ's and now my son was riding his motorcycle with a few friends and person cut him off and slammed on his break going from 70mph. to 30 in a second my son when head over heals over the handle bars then let the scene. Long story short my son is in the hospital with no feeling on his left side for a few days and now starting to get some feeling back. The man was arrested and charged with road rage with the intent to kill. Plus more tickets. I just pray for no more. I'm not sure how much more I can take.......

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I am so sorry 27.

Hang in there. Be strong for your kiddo.

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Oh this is terrible! Your poor son. I hope he feels better quickly.

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Just keep breathing and take each thing as it comes....

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Oh my gosh. I hope your son makes a full recovery.


Hang in there. Son is the current priority. Focus on him right now.

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Hope he is getting well soon!

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((27years)) That is a lot of stress for one person to deal with.

I hope your son recovers very soon!

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So sorry 27. One moment at a time and hang in there. You're in all our thoughts and prayers.

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I hope your son recovers quickly and fully.

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I'm so sorry. Please make sure the people around you know that you're near a breaking point and need support!

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Oh, no! Prayers for your son--and for all of you. How awful

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Stay strong sweetie, you can do this. I am so so sorry about your son's accident. Positive thoughts and prayers going out for you and your son.

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I'm sorry, 27.

Best wishes for a swift and comfortable recovery for your son.

My life is as complicated as yours, but in different ways, and what I've had to learn is, unfortunately, to basically compartmentalize.

If you can live only for the day, in a moment, and take each event or issue as it comes to you, it helps. Some of the issues of life are huge, dramatic and terrible, but in the scheme of every day, it can actually be calming to only "Live In the Now", as Wayne and Garth say.

It's really helped me to put some major life changes and issues into more perspective and making lists when you can focus helps.

Giving yourself some space to just grieve and then put it away for a while is good. Another thing that helps is appealing to your senses and breathing and counting.

I wish you well and I wish you peace.

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Default  Posted: 9:03 AM, June 12th (Wednesday)

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your son.


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God bless. Please hang in there and know that we are all praying for you and your family.

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Default  Posted: 9:21 AM, June 12th (Wednesday)

Saying prayers for you and your son.

Sometimes all you can do is breathe and count the minutes till you take another breath. And that is ok.... just don't forget to breathe.



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Gosh, you're right about that--"how much more..." Definitely over the top. Wow.

It is true. You're forced by sheer mental exhaustion to take one moment at a time and breathe. Take care of yourself. Drink, eat, and take care of your son.

Prayers coming your way.

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Hugs and Prayers to you 27 and your son. Good Luck

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Prayers for strength and healing for you and your family.

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Thanks for all the hugs and well wishes.

One breathe at a time is minute at a time and my one hour at a time.

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Just sending you hugs Hon.

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Hugs and prayers for both you and your son.

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I'm so sorry 27. Please know that there are so many of us pulling for your son and you!

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Thanks again for all the suport. My son is doing great. He came home. The doctors can't believe that he is recovering so quickly. He is walking and talking and no major injuries besides road rash. He lost a lot of skin all over is body.

He must had a guardian angel with him that day. It will be a long recovery.
Thanks again for your support.

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Honey I know. It seems to come in threes..Ugggg. I pray that this is it for you.

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My grandmother used to say"God doesn't give us more than we can handle!" I've always hated that saying. Evenmoreso after my wh's infidelity!!

I'm praying for you!

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