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User Topic: DS sent me this...
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Default  Posted: 8:57 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

Not sure if he's trying to tell me something?

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"Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you really stand."
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Default  Posted: 9:09 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

just how many cats do you have, crazy, I mean NIK?

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Default  Posted: 9:15 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

Just one! I'd love to have more pets, but I'm limited by my lease.

You can call me NIK

"Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you really stand."
-Hayley Williams

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Default  Posted: 9:47 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

OMG that is SOOOOO funny!!!

And wrong, shame on your DS..... (***secret high-five****)

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Default  Posted: 9:50 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

Razzie! Don't encourage the boy!!!

You can call me NIK

"Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you really stand."
-Hayley Williams

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Default  Posted: 10:41 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

Your DS has a wicked fun sense of humor. LOL!!!

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Default  Posted: 11:19 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

Catching my breath...

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Default  Posted: 11:34 PM, June 12th (Wednesday)

I am soooo sending this to one of my sisters!

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Default  Posted: 12:01 AM, June 13th (Thursday)


nowiknow - are we in that world now?

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Default  Posted: 12:18 AM, June 13th (Thursday)

nik, Here's how it works: On "paper", we have a cat and a dog. In reality, We have four cats and a dog, but they'll never see more than one cat and one dog.

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Default  Posted: 5:05 AM, June 13th (Thursday)

That's awesome!

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Default  Posted: 8:41 AM, June 13th (Thursday)


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Default  Posted: 8:56 AM, June 13th (Thursday)

OMG, I laughed till I cried. My daughter is almost 35, and I would so send her this except I think she might take it the wrong (right?) way!

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Default  Posted: 9:38 AM, June 13th (Thursday)


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Default  Posted: 3:32 PM, June 13th (Thursday)

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