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June 14th his 40th bday . Many tears lately , I want to move on but it won't be till he moves out and he probabably hanging around prolonging his move . Anyone else divorce and they didnt move out right away ?

Me 39, EX H 40 married 17 years infidelity on both parts . He a serial cheater. I cheated for revenge and ran home to brag. Or make Him mad. He confessed to more affairs after that. We are now divorced living apart . 3 children

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Him moving out will give you some peace for sure. In house separation is hell.

Is there something in your agreement that will make him move out of the house?
He needs to go. I hope for your sake it's sooner rather than later.

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We are moving through the divorce process, but much of his stuff is still at home.

He flip flops. When I mention coming to get the rest (non clothes and it's a lot), he makes excuses.

Then he asks for something and seems to want it only on his terms.

I couldn't handle him physically living here, though. I give you credit for tolerating that!

Maybe he's not secure in a place to go or secure in the decision to go? Maybe he thinks you'll tire of waiting and you'll go and he'll get the place?

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