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Happy  Posted: 10:29 AM, June 14th (Friday)

What's everyone up to this weekend?

I actually have plans! I'm meeting up with a couple of friends I haven't seen in ages tonight for a drink and some catching up. Tomorrow I'm spending the afternoon with DD and then heading out to dinner with my three dearest friends. I also need to do some shoe shopping. Such torture.

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Default  Posted: 11:21 AM, June 14th (Friday)

Yay for NIK!

Me? SOS--yoga tomorrow morning, beach on Sunday.

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Default  Posted: 11:45 AM, June 14th (Friday)

Tonight, babysitting my nephew, then wine and pool with my sisters.

Tomorrow, going out for a friend's b-day.

Sunday, getting together with SO and my bosses for some holiday rifle practice.

Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to pretty up my car. It's been taking a beating in the sun lately.

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Default  Posted: 11:55 AM, June 14th (Friday)

Meeting friends for Happy Hour tonight.

Heading upstate tomorrow morning to pick up AJ from his annual government camp counseling gig. Spending Saturday evening with him and friends at a birthday party before depositing him at his dad's for Pop's Day on Sunday and his flight home.

Sunday the usual morning routine (church, weigh-in and Y) then I might join some friends on their lake cruiser and stop somewhere for brunch. Weather permitting.

I'm stoked, cuz I gets to hug my boy!


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Default  Posted: 12:10 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Friday: a drink at the Yacht Club with my best friend and after that saying good-bye to my now official SO before heading out to Europe.

Saturday: running last minute errands and going crazy packing.

Sunday: at 7.45 am taking off with my girls to go home. Can't wait to see my parents, less than 72 hours now

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Default  Posted: 12:39 PM, June 14th (Friday)

This afternoon I'm knocking off work early to take my girls to see their cousin in a little gymnastics recital. Then tonight they go to their dad's for the weekend.
Tomorrow morning I may do double yoga again, or maybe just the hot power class. Then it's out to lunch and shopping with my old neighbor.
Tomorrow night I would LOVE to go out somewhere to watch the hocky game but I'm wary of going alone. I may see if my brother and his wife want to come over.
Sunday I will do chores in teh morning and then I'll see what the afternoon brings. I've heard it's supposed to be nice, adn after a week of rain, I'm ready!!!
Happy Weekend all!!

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Default  Posted: 4:50 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Nothing going on tonight. Home alone. Might do some organizing. I've got stuff to re-arrange and sort.

Saturday - morning zumba class. Later that day, I'm going to see the new superman movie with SO and his parents.

Sunday - church, then maybe going to SO's brother's house for a bbq or my parents' house for pizza. The kids will be back then.

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Default  Posted: 5:37 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Tonight dinner with a girlfriend, tomorrow work on my house - DS19 is moving home in two weeks - I have to clean out the room he's moving into. Sunday more house stuff and lots of homework (I'm taking a summer series continuing ed for my profession).

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Default  Posted: 6:10 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Came home from work to find a rock band in my living room, so I'm hiding out in my room surfing the net. Okay, it's not really a rock band, just my oldest son and a friend recording guitar tracks onto the computer. And I'm not really hiding, I'm doing my usual unwinding after work, on the computer. Once I get my glass of wine, I'll be hiding.

Tomorrow I have a bunch of errands to do, and I've signed up for a workshop with my photography club in the afternoon. Sunday will be chore day, so that I'll have clean clothes to wear to work next week. Oh, and I'm hoping to get a bike ride in, too.

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Default  Posted: 6:25 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Tomorrow 8 hour gun class to apply for concealed carry permit-then dinner/cards with friends

Sunday I work

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Default  Posted: 6:26 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Working with dad tomorrow, he's helping me out for the day trying to get my jobs up to date as I'm falling behind now I've got a full time job as well as my business to manage.

Think I'm mostly gonna be moping. On a downer for some reason.

Hopefully something will happen to cheer me up....

Hope you all have fun though x

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Default  Posted: 6:49 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Tonight, home watching the O's game, did my exercises, and having a nice cold Twisted Tea

Tomorrow, Bunt has his last baseball game at 11:00, then a birthday party. He goes with his dad at 5:00, then I am going down to DC to see Bill Cosby with my niece. She got free tickets. I can't wait! LOL

Sunday, no set plans. Will hit the gym, then supposed to do something with Vin, and meet his new puppy. (we are just great friends now)

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Default  Posted: 8:16 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Closed on my house today! I brought one car load of stuff over and then some friends stopped by, so I chatted instead of taking a second load over.

I should be packing right now as my parents are showing up tomorrow at 9 am with a van to help me move. I just have no motivation! I want to be moved in but not have to do any of the work to make it so.

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Default  Posted: 9:38 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Running a 5K tomorrow. Then back home to work on sanding and refinishing my dining room table and chairs. Maybe I'll mow the lawn...bleh. And I have to work on my class a bit. Sunday is a long run and my dining room needs to be repainted.

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Default  Posted: 9:43 PM, June 14th (Friday)

Yay phmh!!! Congrats on the closing.

Forever - I hope you are able to find a bit of sunshine this weekend. (((hugs)))

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Default  Posted: 9:15 AM, June 15th (Saturday)

I'm going to spend my free time this weekend chilling out a little with my Bear, and......(drum roll, please), getting to know my new fur-baby!

I got a phone call yesterday morning - out of the blue - that our local shelter had a 10 month old German Shepherd girl that needed a forever home. I got my Bear and grandson to go with me to meet her and she won us over in about 30 seconds. So, Stella has joined my "pack" and she's a sweetheart. Yay!

Other than that, some relatives have come to town to visit my dad. He's not doing very well , so I'm glad they made the trip. I'm hoping it perks him up a little. We reached the halfway mark on his radiation treatment this past week though, so I'm hoping he gets stronger soon.

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Default  Posted: 9:29 AM, June 15th (Saturday)

Coffee with a friend last night.

Spending some time with my family this morning, then having dinner with a friend tonight. Then a sleepover/girls night with another friend later.

Tomorrow will likely be laundry, grocery shopping, getting ready for the work week.

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