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Hi everyone, as some of u know from my earlier post , I will most likely be meeting the ow for the first time at my 5 yo DD dnce recital. I will ignore her unless she directly says hi and the I will say hello back ( as I would an annoying coworker) and focus immediately back on my daughter. I WILL not give into my mind games - she is so much prettier, younger (10 years), or thinner that I am. Those are my old issues. I will not relive them today...but knowing i have good vibes behind me sure will help

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I will be sending good vibes and good mojo your way. May you be filled with the knowledge that you are a wonderful, strong, beautiful woman. Hold your head high with pride that their actions will not define the person you are. You define who you are!

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I'll never get over the nerve of these WS's who feel the need to flaunt their AP at their children's events.

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When I saw OW/slut sitting on my bed smirking at me I just kept saying douche. It was as though I had no language skills, just douche.

Try to say hello out loud and douche douche douche in your mind, say it over and over. Then turn away.

THEN smile at your baby dancing! Dancing! Dancing her pretty little legs off! That's what this life is. A dance. I hope your dance is filled with joy for your baby.

God bless us, everyone.

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You're a lady. Just conduct yourself accordingly and all will be good.

Enjoy your DD's recital.

Sending good vibes your way.

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Sending you strength, Sarah. Breath and focus on your darling DD. You can do this.

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I do wish you well, Sarah.

It's not something I can imagine and I'm rooting for you.

As consequences come to us from Perv and what he did, I find my best route and comfort later is if I can be silent. That's my challenge to myself, for then I've lost nothing nor given anything away in a public place and lately that gives me some pride.

I don't know if that helps any as a strategy. We just had DD's play at school and school concert, and it is very hard indeed. He has not yet had the nerve to bring OW to school events, but I would bet next year -post D-it may come.

I'm sorry for your hard times and glad you recognize the aging issues as past.

I think self esteem is bothered with A's for anyone, male or female and you are not alone in that.

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good vibes!!!!!!!

I guess it is too much to expect that shame would keep her mouth shut... Your strength is character! enjoy that DD and enjoy the day.


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Sending mojo your way. Enjoy your DD and her beautiful recital. Nothing else matters.



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Good vibes Sarah, you can do this.

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Sending good vibes! You'll do great!

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SI mojo is with you!
OW is not pretty on the inside.

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The need to flaunt their affair partner is done out of guilt. If his former wife appears to be accepting of the new twinkie, then he feels what he did wasn't so bad after all.

Don't give up your standards to please him. But at the same time, don't upset your family. Take the high road and all will be fine. Sending you mojo.

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Good luck to you! Looks don't matter. We all get old eventually and it's all down hill from there. What really matters is personality. Without that you have nothing.

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It is what it is.

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