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For Mothers' Day, I bought a $50 gift card at a store she likes, and had the boys make her cards. This is despite the fact that I was two months out of the house at that point. I just thought it would be too sad if she didn't get a present or cards on her first Mothers' Day alone.

Of course, she wanted me to keep the kids for that day (as I do every weekend), because "the best gift would be a day to myself". Mother of the fucking year.

Anyhow, now it's Fathers' Day, and it's the weekend, and I'm glad to have my boys with me. Not that I would want it, but she didn't offer me a day to myself. The boys had a store-bought card for me, and a $50 gift card to a fast food restaurant.

I mean, I am very much a burger kind of guy, but couldn't she have tried a little harder?

But here's the best part. She also sent a FD card for me - from HER!

The front said: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

The inside had a little poem about how I'm so perfect and shouldn't change anything about myself. Then she wrote: "Thank you for being a wonderful daddy to our boys."

Now, maybe this is a genuine effort on her part to be nice to me on my first lone FD, but for some reason it really pisses me off.

She felt the need to treat me like shit for 17.5 years, and cheat on me however many times, but wants to remind me how perfect I am.

Fuck her.

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Man what are you talking about? I was happy when my kids got nothing for my POS WW on mothers day.

The boys live with me and we had a nice steak dinner tonight, which is all I need. Tomorrow they will do their thing and I will watch the US Open on TV and will be quite happy!

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Focus on you and the kids. And enjoy your Father's Day, pass.

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I am so glad the sad clown didn't try this on.

I also had the girls on Fathers Day (September in Australia) - "it means nothing to the girls and it means nothing to me". Yes, he actually said that.

No good deed goes unpunished.

No more gifts friend - she is not your mother nor is she your wife. Please don't twist yourself up into a knot about what she bought you.

Beware the hoovering friend. I suggest you use my mantra whenever I feel a fishing expedition coming on:

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"the best gift would be a day to myself"

Just wow. I can not even imagine giving up time with my children.

FWIW, I doubt there is anything she could have done that would make you happy. Forget about it and enjoy your children. They are what Father's Day is about.

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fallingquickly, I think you're right. I'm still in the anger stage - with many valid reasons to be angry - so there's no need to start looking for reasons.

If she hadn't given me a card, I probably would have been pissed about that.

Time to get back to my kids.

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Two sons: Now 11 and 14
DDay: Nov 15, 2012
Separated: Mar 2, 2013 after 17 year marriage, now divorcing!

The best thing about hitting rock bottom is that everything after that looks fucking fabulous

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Happy Father's Day, pass. I think that sign your kids made you to get you out of bed is the best gift ever.

Don't let her crazy ruin your enjoyment of today. And, uh, no more expensive gifts for her...fuck her.

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Happy Fathers Day pass. Spending the day with the kids is what it's all about.

I have my whole clan here today. All 7 kids plus 2 of the boys GFs and DGS. We just had a huge BBQ and are watching TV now.

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Yeah... in the future, I wouldn't get her much more than a card from the kids. She's just trying to keep up her "good gal" image-- look at how kind I am to my XH! See, I'm not a selfish monster! I'm a giving, caring, loving woman!

Whatever. Take the fact that you are way better off without her as your Father's Day gift.


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