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Ok this probably doesn't sound like much. We used to joke (not so much now) that my WH is a emotional cripple. 2 emotions happy or mad. Anyways, we work different shifts. Him really early and me the late shift. I woke up this morning to a short note on my bedside.

Bade, I love you so much. I am truly grateful for the 2nd chance you are giving to me. I will not let you down this time. Love Always & Forever, Me

Now I know this wouldn't mean much to some people. But knowing my H the way I do this is huge. So I am taking this small victory and holding on to it.

Ugh! Sometimes reality sucks.
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It's the little things that are the big things!

Good for you and good for H!

Take up your space (and do it well).

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That is huge, actually. For him to step outside his comfort zone and do something that is proactive and healing for you.

YAY Mr. Markay! Good job!

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Happy for you! It's the little things....

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