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"You either trust yourself or you don't trust yourself. When you don't trust yourself, you will not trust other people.
When you do not trust other people, you cannot trust the process of living or loving in which other people are involved. When you don't trust love other people you cannot live openly or fully. When you are not open to living fully, it means that you expect to be hurt. This expectation makes you constantly afraid that you can't handle the pain. When you don't believe you can handle something, it means you don't trust yourself. This is exactly where we started." -

Iyanla Vanzant.

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Sounds like a load to me...

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It doesn't address trying to regain trust in someone who stabbed you in the back so...

I do agree we must trust ourselves. I came to the conclusion that I found out once, I'll find out again if he cheats on me, and that I'm strong enough to take it. So, I trust myself 100%.

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Exactly, Rebreather! You nailed it!

Happens again, trust me...I'm outta here!

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some people I simply do not trust because they are untrustworthy. I trust my gut and common sense and my own two eyes, so therefore I don't trust them. I trust they can work on their shit far away from me and my life will be fuller without them. I trust that sometimes it is wise to not trust some people.

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I trust me. I trust me to take care of me and make decisions that are in my best interest. However, there are other people I do not trust with me, and it has nothing to do with me trusting myself.

It has everything to do with them being untrustworthy people. I can always pick myself up and dust myself off no matter what anyone else does to me, no matter how heinous, doesn't mean I will trust the offender again. At some point that would simply make me a fool.

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