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5 years ago today, I took a sick day and filed for divorce. After filing at the court house, I put fuel in his truck and picked up some supplies that he needed. How messed up was that?

The past 5 years have been many things: full of change, full of tears, full of laughs, much angst. There has also been: a wonderful group of friends, SI, some funny dates, and the emergence of one extremely independent chick.

I wish that I had taken control of my life years earlier.

My hope for the next 5 years is a life that continues to be well lived. The 2nd life of Williesmom has been so much better than the first one.

I think I have moved past FTG to the stage of "what guy, was I ever married?".

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Good for you. keep it going!

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Wishing you years filled with all the happiness you deserve.

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It's not really a fairy tale 'till the witch is deposed and a few dragons are slain

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This post gives me hope.. thank you for sharing.

It's also scary but perhaps in a good way because while where you are is so far from where I'm at right now, I can visualize myself there. And that's my hope.

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Yay for hope and future! I wish you well and hope your life continues to become what you want it to be.

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