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Sons dad left the state last year and gave the child support office a false address. I knew exactly where he was.but couldn't prove it without evidence. I got the evidence I needed a few days ago. Forehead was stupid and changed her settings on fb to public when she posted stuff for her daughter. She also posted pictures of x and her and tagged the place she was at too, so I did a little on line search and found the place and sure enough found out he is were I originally thought. I did a little more digging and found her address.
I put in a nice call to the cs office with all the new information, they are sending the paperwork to ex's state and going after him for all the child support he owes. I forgot to mention he also has a warrant in my state so if he ever travels back here he's in big trouble cause the warrant won't go away. Haha. To bad my state doesn't extradite. But I am also thinking of calling the inspector general because he did commit fraud and fled the state in order to avoid paying cs.

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Good investigative work !

calling the inspector general because he did commit fraud and fled the state in order to avoid paying cs.
I would let the world know any info I had on the POS. His hiding days would be over !

It's my life now, my choices, my mistakes to make and my victories to celebrate. His choices made me free of liars and betrayers in my life. That is priceless.

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That's a wonderful find! Congratulations!

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They can run, but they cannot hide!

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Great news! Can't believe what these aholes will do to avoid paying support!!!

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