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User Topic: Guess what!?!? I'm Engaged!!!
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Default  Posted: 10:53 PM, June 22nd (Saturday)

6 years ago today my SO and I met. The first time we actually saw each other was for coffee one morning at McDonald's. For sentimental reasons, he took me there today before we went out to a nice dinner. We were sitting there and he popped the question! He had a beautiful engagement ring in a pretty box in his pocket, pulled it out, and asked me if I'd be his wife.

I was stunned speechless!!! When my voice finally returned I croaked out a "yes" (at least I think I said it out loud!) and started crying....and crying....and crying. He was teary eyed, too.

For anyone who has doubts, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel...and it is beautiful.

Thank you to everyone at SI for helping me heal and get to this point. I love you all.

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I promise to surround myself with amazing souls and love them fiercely.

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YAY!! Congratulations.

It is what it is, not what we hope it can be.

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Congrats !!!

Your light (at the end of the infidelity tunnel) is shining very brightly !

It's my life now, my choices, my mistakes to make and my victories to celebrate. His choices made me free of liars and betrayers in my life. I lost my family but gained a second chance to be happy.

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YAY!!!!! Congrats darlin!!!

This gives me hope!

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Yay! This could not happen to a better person!


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Congratulations... That's awesome

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Congrats and best wishes!

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I love the engagement posts. I'm such a romantic. At this point in my life I live romance vicariously through my SI family. I hope someday I will posting one of these but until then thanks for posting.

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Congrats...and i love your tagline.

The old story really doesn't matter anymore.

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BEST WISHES!!! So sweet that he took you to McDonald's to pop the question!

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Congrats and Best Wishes

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Congratulations! I love hearing these stories and I really needed it today.

Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

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Failure is success if we learn from it.

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Congrats! =) That's a really sweet story. So happy to hear this!

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Wishing you both all the best!!!

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Awww... congratulations, okay!!!

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